Acctivate Version 9.0.3

ACCTivate! 9.0.3 is the third service pack for ACCTivate! 9.0. It includes over 70 improvements to increase stability and performance.

ACCTivate! 9.0.3 was generally available on Wednesday, November 19th. Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Additional fields for 3PL warehouse orders
  • Numerous improvements for Inventory Assembly transactions
  • Inventory posting is much faster when using lots, serial numbers and/or warehouse locations.
  • Fixes to View and Void Invoice functions in CYMA edition
  • QuickBooks synchronization improvements related to duplicate Customer names
  • Sales Order Performance, significantly faster for kits
  • Sales Tax improvements, including fixes for Avalara

The full release notes for 9.0.3, build 4043, are listed below:

Create CompanyClicking on GL Account lookup button returns error during Create Company
Create CompanyCompany creation may fail with “Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.”
Create CompanyException received when entering new GL Accounts during Create Company
Create CompanyCreate Company progress status displays “Credit Memos” while Payments are being copied
CustomerDisplaying Invoices tab for customer with large quantity of invoices may be slower than expected
Customer“Out of memory” exception may be received when opening or closing customer windows
CustomerSalesperson on customer may not be saved
Database MaintenanceAdd GUIDPODetail to LotSerialInventoryReceipts view for reporting purposes
EDIAdditional fields required for EDI 3PL Warehouse Orders
EDIEDI 940 exports warehouse address instead of branch address
EDIAbility to split Warehouse Orders (EDI 940) by Branch with Branch ID in file name
GeneralCreating a split transaction may not carry over the correct component quantities and unit cost
GeneralUnable to change GL lookup options
GeneralACCTivate! hangs during product lookup after changing item type to assemblies
ImportTax codes imported into ship to locations of VAT editions are cleared after a sync
ImportProduct Update Import changes cost method and control type for products with transactions
ImportImprove error message when importing a text file that has more data fields than header fields
InventorySplit assembly transaction creates new session for completed quantity instead of work in progress
InventoryCannot insert the value NULL into column ‘CostLayer’ error returned during posting Inventory Receipt
InventoryWarehouse Location may revert on an Inventory Issue or Adjustment
InventoryComponent quantities may not update whenever saving a process assembly session
InventoryUser permission to change GL account on inventory issues is ignored
Inventory“An assembly cannot contain itself as a component.” may be received adding an assembly component multiple times to a process assembly
InventoryRe-entering a productID for a serialize product stocked in a non-primary warehouse location may not pull the current FROM location
InventoryAllow adding an assembly item as a component of itself when assembly item uses Actual costing
Inventory“Lot / Serial number not found” message may be received when transferring multiple lot/serial products
InventoryPosting inventory receipt may fail with “Query timeout expired” error
Inventory“…Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.@CostsTable’.” message received posting Inventory Transaction
InventoryPosting Inventory Count for many serial numbers may take longer than expected
JobSelecting Employee on the Labor Entry Job Management module may not actually populate the Employee ID
LookupChanging lookup field changes the default for all users
LookupBusiness Activity Lookup May Mismatch Column Names and Fields
Mobile“There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.” message received printing from ACCTivate! Mobile
MobilePrint Pack List option on ACCTivate! mobile may receive “The system cannot find the file specified.”
ProductWhen entering a Purchase Order with negative quantity(return to Vendor) the quantity being returned does not display on returned product
ProductCannot save nor modify Product record if List Price deleted
Product“Run-time error: Cannot insert duplicate key…” message may be received when creating or saving a product using an existing Product ID value
ProductSubstitution button on Components tab for Assemblies, Kits and Assortments
Purchasing“Division by zero” error when creating Purchase Invoice for negative quantity
Purchasing“Incorrect syntax near ‘)’. Unlink deleted PO details from sales order lines” exception received saving new Purchase Order
PurchasingChanging product names gives “Product Not Found” error on PO Invoice window.
Purchasing“Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid.” error received when creating receipt from Purchase Order
ReportsTransfer report has the ship to address and ship from address reversed.
Reports“Error running database update: Column ‘ReportID, Sequence’ is constrained…” message may be received running database update
ReportsProduct Summary by Period report prints blank for products with modified Product IDs
Sales OrderInvoice Total in ACCTivate! may be incorrect if a tax discrepancy line is added to Invoice in QuickBooks.
Sales OrderRow cannot be located for updating error received during Prepare Invoices
Sales OrderChanging the sales order quantity after fully invoicing a line item may allow you to schedule or back-order a completed line.
Sales OrderViewing and saving lengthy Sales Orders may take longer than expected
Sales OrderOverflow error received when using dates past the year 2100
Sales OrderSales Order Class is not included when copying Sales Quote, Order or Credit
Sales Order“Cannot override sales tax for sales orders that are not imported from the web” when sales tax field mapped in Web Store or Web Store Import
Sales Order“Prices include VAT” option doesn’t seem to save changes.
Sales OrderInvoicing a Sales Order may take longer than expected.
Sales OrderQuote converted to Sales Order does not have Location field
Sales OrderException received when clicking View Invoice on a Sales Order in CYMA
Sales OrderUnable to void invoices in CYMA
Sales OrderRoute field is not saved when clicking Save on Sales Order window
Sales OrderPrint Pick Ticket Utility changes Scheduled Orders that are completely Back Ordered as if Pick Ticket was printed
Sales Order ImportImporting Orders may use the default Customer Tax Code instead of the Customer’s Ship To Tax Code
Sales TaxOnly submit orders/invoices to AvaTax with “AvaTax” Tax Item/Group
Sales TaxSales Tax Discrepancy may be added to Invoice in QuickBooks which doubles the sales tax amount
Sales TaxAllow configuration of QuickBooks Tax Item for Avalara
ShippingInner Pack is always 1 when using “Product Packaging Unit” option
SynchronizationSynchronize Discount amounts grouped by Tax Code for VAT editions
Synchronization“The provided edit sequence “…” is out-of-date. Modification reason: ExchangeRate changed…” may be received whenever syncing invoices
SynchronizationError “Cannot drop the index ‘dbo.tbCustomer.IX_Customer_GUIDParent_CustID'” may occur when synchronizing with QB
Synchronization“Could not add duplicate customer to ACCTivate!: … Invalid use of Null” may occur during synchronization
SynchronizationTax discrepancy adjustment line on invoice may not be created properly
Web Store“Unknown property LineDiscountPercent on object of type SalesOrderDetail (Subdocument ‘order’)” received when mapping Line Discount Percent
Web StoreDownloading >250 orders from Shopify may not return all orders
Web Store“Internal Error” Appears when Syncing Amazon Webstore with Export Shipment Enabled
Web StoreInclude field for Custom Label SKU in eBay template