Acctivate Version 9.0

Acctivate 9.0 introduces three new integrations with best-in-breed cloud software services. Acctivate 9.0 was generally available on May 19, 2014 (Build 3999).

Version 9 Integrations

Other Key Improvements include:

  • Easily Insert, Move, and Delete lines on Sales and Purchase Orders
  • Improvements to Sales Order Scheduling, including Scheduling from Business Alerts (Sales Order Mgmt) tab.
  • Improvements to the foundation and functionality of Lot/Serial control numbers
  • Email settings are now configurable for each Acctivate user, which includes better support for Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail.
  • Windows File/Folder locations have been modified based on best practices dictated by Microsoft.

The full release notes are listed below:

AttachmentsIntegration with SmartVault Document Management Service
Business ActivityAbility to link a Business Activity to a lot/serial number in the Related Items list
Business ActivitySequence for Business Activity Status list per Activity Type
Business ActivityContact Information is not copied for new Business Activity created from a Sales Order
Business AlertsInclude Customer Name and Type on Sales Order Mgmt tab
Business AlertsAdded by user on Business Alerts changes to Assigned by user when completed
ConfigurationCarrier Void Option list doesn’t not allow user to add additional records
ConfigurationWarehouse Description (Name) should be required
ConfigurationWorkflow Status Code drop down shows K as “Picked” instead of “Packaging”
ConfigurationDefault Branch in Customer Options cannot be cleared
Configuration“Either BOF or EOF is True” received when adding new Product Type
Create CompanyInclude “Full Name” for QuickBooks Units of Measure list
Create CompanyCreate Company window should show in the task bar
Create CompanyComponent list for Assembly items does not always come over during create company
Create CompanyCreate company exception error. “Out of memory. Copying customers”
Create CompanyPerformance issues with Create Company when assembly items exist in QuickBooks
Create CompanyImprove progress reporting and responsiveness of Create Company
Create Company“Object variable or With block variable not set” during Sales Order import
Create Company“Invalid use of Null” during Sales Order import
Create CompanyConversion failed when converting the varchar value to data type int
Create CompanyMultiple “Unexpected/Invalid LineType while setting new product” messages in logs
Create CompanyCreate company may ask “True Would you like to review the SyncLog?” if there are no sales orders
Create Company“Overflow Copying customer messages” exception received during Create Company
CustomerAcctivate ship to locations should have Tax/VAT Codes instead of Tax Categories for international editions
CustomerCustomer Information window loads slowly with a very large number of Ship To Locations
Customer“Unable to open table: Ar_CustPrice” error on Customer Information window when not licensed for Inventory with CYMA 13.0 or later
Database Maintenance“Type mismatch” may occur after backing up database
Demo CompanyDemo QuickBooks file should be located in Public Documents folder
Demo CompanyReload Demo Data should replace QuickBooks company file from ACCT.ini
EDIEDI Manager for Acctivate UK Edition
EDI“Product ID … not stocked in warehouse” during EDI Customer Purchase Order Import should be a warning only
EmailSupport for sending email via SMTP for email server requiring TLS Security
EmailEmail Account/Server settings per user to override company-wide settings
GeneralChange company should close all open windows like opening configuration manager does.
Import“Cannot insert record” message when updating existing customers only
ImportProduct spreadsheet import doesn’t show complete statistics
ImportUnable to import updated product list prices without mapping two template fields to ProductID
ImportCost Method was set to Standard after using Import Data tool to change Assembly items to Standard Kits
InstallationMove Acctivate Configuration file, Custom Reports and Log to ACCTivateData shared folder
Installation“The given key was not present in the dictionary.” error may be received logging into ACCTivate
InstallationCould not install Microsoft .NET 3.5 (Error 1) on Windows 8
Installation“Must close or hide topmost modal form first” error when changing companies
InventoryNew table for Lot / Serial Information (Number, expiration date, reference and specification)
InventoryUnit Cost in LotSerialInventory view does not match the displayed Unit Cost on Lot tab when Balance Adjustment posted
InventoryDivide by zero error on negative receipt for FIFO
InventoryAllow some changes to Assembly Type even for products with transactions
InventoryWarehouse Last Cost is selected for Customer Return/Credit for a $0.00 lot/serial number using Actual Cost method
InventoryReceipt sessions adding duplicate lines after removal
Inventory“Lot / Serial Number is required” messages when selecting lot/serial number for an Inventory Transaction
InventoryEntering a lot/serial product on an Inventory Transfer bypasses the lot/serial number field
InventoryRecurring “Quantity must be a number” message may be received entering quantity for serialized product on Inventory Transfer
InventoryChanging product on Inventory Transfer may not remove the lot/serial number
InventoryGrid border may still show on screen after saving Inventory Transfer window.
Inventory“Row cannot be located for updating…” message when posting Inventory Transfer
InventoryAssembly Component Quantity may not be updated after adjusting the Assembly Quantity
InventoryBlock changes to product cost method if there are any posted inventory transactions
Landed CostLoad Items on Landed Cost window from an Inventory Assembly session
Landed CostLanded Cost should not adjust Unit Cost or Inventory Value for items using Standard Cost method
Landed CostQuantity on a Landed Cost transaction may show as negative until you save the transaction
Landed CostUnable to save Landed Cost session for Transfers with Lot or Serial Numbers
Landed CostOption to Allocate Landed Cost by Volume (Product Specs tab)
Landed Cost“No Landed Cost session exists for this line” appearing for customers without a license for landed cost
Landed CostUnable to create landed cost on inventory transfer of lot controlled item with Actual cost.
Landed CostRounding Discrepancy Too large for FixUpRounding error when posting Landed Cost Session
Landed Cost“Conversion failed when converting from a character string…” when posting Landed Cost
Landed CostCannot delete rows from Landed Cost from Purchase Invoice
Landed CostInvalid Use of Null received when opening Landed Cost session from PO
LookupBlank column(s) may appear to the far right on Lookup windows
MobileScanning a pick ticket will return ‘Order was not found in list’ if not completed
MobileAdditional Serial numbers added on Mobile Transfer may not be saved
MobileSupport for Datamatrix and DataBar barcodes on Mobile device
Pricing“Mgmt Cost + …” pricing doesn’t use Management Cost when Cost Method is Standard
ProductAn Assembly should not be allowed to be a component of itself
ProductProduct Lot Number reference information is removed after posting Inventory Adjustment transaction
ProductAllow updates to “Location” field on Lot/Serial window when not using Multiple Location Control
PurchasingOutstanding quantity is not reduced by Purchase Invoices for non-inventoried and non-standard lines
PurchasingShortcut keys to insert/delete lines in Purchase Order data grid (Ctrl+Ins and Ctrl+Del)
PurchasingShortcut keys to move lines in Purchase Order data grid (Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down)
PurchasingAmount Approved on Purchase Invoice may be re-calculated due to rounding problems
PurchasingAmount Approved may not be calculated correctly if multiple receipt lines for lot/serial numbers exist
PurchasingPurchase Invoice may not select the correct A/P account for the vendor’s currency
PurchasingInactive Tax Codes do not display on PO
PurchasingItem total amount displayed on Purchase Order report incorrect for Drop Ship item if quantity changed
PurchasingPO Ship To lines are limited to 30 characters rather than 41 per line
PurchasingCompleted PO lines may be included on Purchase Invoice
PurchasingOutstanding Amount on completed PO should not include Non-Standard or Non-Inventoried items
PurchasingPO lines may be removed after opening Custom Fields pop-up window
PurchasingInvoices tab of Purchase Order includes home currency symbol for foreign currency POs
PurchasingRounding issues on Purchase Order due to Unit of Measure, Exchange Rate and/or VAT tax calculations
Quick QuoteIncorrect Quick Quote extended prices if sales unit differs from stocking unit
Sales OrderChanging the product ID on a sales order does not remove lot/serial numbers from prior product ID
Sales OrderShortcut keys to insert/delete lines in Sales Order data grid (Ctrl+Ins and Ctrl+Del)
Sales OrderShortcut keys to move lines in Sales Order data grid (Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down)
Sales Order“Schedule” function on Business Alerts Sales Order Mgmt tab and Sales Order window to re-schedule order(s) based on current availability
Sales Order“Schedule” button on Sales Order Window and Sales Order Mgmt tab of Business Alerts, to update scheduled and backordered quantities
Sales OrderSales Order lookup by Web Order Number not available unless registered for Web Store Integration
Sales OrderSales Order not calculating correctly when using Case pricing instead of Each pricing
Sales OrderSpecial Customer Prices or Price Codes may not be selected during Sales Order entry
Sales OrderSales order entry is locked after entering an invalid Product ID for an existing line
Sales Order“Invalid procedure call or argument” may occur when selecting a customer for a sales order
Sales OrderGrid cell contents are not selected when using the down arrow in the Sales Order detail grid
Sales OrderKeep same window when changing Quote to Sales Order
Sales OrderObject variable or With block variable not set when adding a non-standard detail line to a sales order
Sales OrderSales order ship to location is blank for orders with new customers.
Sales OrderBackordered Sales Order Detail lines not recording correctly
Sales OrderCannot insert the value NULL into column ‘GUIDOrderDetail’ error when saving Sales Order
Sales Order Import“Cannot change ordered qty on top-level line of assortment.” when importing a sales order with an assortment item
Sales Order Import“Path not found” when clicking Create on Sales Order Import on workstation
Sales Order ImportImported sales orders neglects sales class when customer is new and class tracking is by customer type
Sales Order ImportInclude Order Status in template option for Sales Order Import and Web Store Sync
Sales TaxIntegration with Avalara AvaTax Sales Tax service
Sales TaxTax Exempt Entity/Use Code configured for each Customer Type for Avalara
SynchronizationDuplicate Invoice, Payment, Bill or Journal records may exist in QuickBooks after a failed synchronization
SynchronizationOnly “Synchronize tax as QuickBooks invoice line” for discrepancies with calculated sales tax in QuickBooks
Synchronization“Rounding discrepancy too large …” when synchronizing invoices with “Synchronize tax as QuickBooks invoice lines” option
Synchronization“No value has been set” error received when synchronizing new customer with only a ship address to QuickBooks
Synchronization“Invalid use of Null insert order line…” for non-taxable invoices in VAT editions of QuickBooks
SynchronizationQuickBooks sync may erroneously report that invoice discount amount has changed
Synchronization“Credit Memo transaction … has an unknown type” for Credit Card Refunds with QuickBooks Canada
SynchronizationObject Variable type error or crash after QuickBooks out-of-memory error
Synchronization“The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context” during customer synchronization with QuickBooks
SynchronizationSynchronization sets InProgressUser and InProgressDate after upgrading to QuickBooks 2014 or later, thus blocking payments
SynchronizationAcctivate may recreate transactions removed due to QuickBooks condense
User InterfacePackaging Manager option drop down menu does not appear when licensed in UK version
Web StoreWeb Store Integration with 3dcart
Web StoreAdd Sales Tax Amount mapping to Amazon web store default template
Web StoreImprovements to shipment items included in Web Store shipment export
Web StoreExporting Availability to MagentoGo may run very slow
Web StoreInclude ability to export Shipment Carrier when option selected for Volusion web store
Web Store“Invalid column name ‘customername’…” error may be received downloading Orders using the Volusion webstore template