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ERP for food distribution helps businesses involved in the distribution of food products to manage inventory, procurement, orders, and traceability.
ERP for food distribution is a system for businesses involved in the distribution of food products to manage inventory, procurement, orders, and traceability.

ERP for food distribution 

At some point in a food distribution business, improved methods for handling purchasing, inventory, order management and fulfillment, customer relationships, and traceability advance beyond wish list items to growth hindrances for growing food distributors. Not wanting to leave QuickBooks, the food distributors typically search for a solution to gain new functionality to grow their business into the future.

5 ways Acctivate’s ERP for food distribution solution can help a food distribution business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems benefit food distribution businesses by helping them streamline operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Fortunately, there is a solution to gain ERP capabilities without leaving QuickBooks – Acctivate. Recognized by industry experts as a leader in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution solutions, Acctivate is easy to implement and use, providing businesses with a quick path to the tools required for current and future growth.

The importance of inventory management in an ERP for food distribution

ERP for food distribution solution with inventory control and visibility

Managing inventory effectively is critical to the success of any food distribution business, as it impacts everything from customer service to profitability. An ERP for food distribution system helps companies to manage inventory levels more effectively by providing real-time tracking of stock levels, monitoring of expiry dates, automation of ordering and replenishment processes, reducing waste, optimizing storage space, and ensuring products are available when customers need them.

With Acctivate, food distributors:

  • Have the correct amount of inventory on hand to meet customer demand. Overstocking can lead to waste and spoilage, while understocking can lead to stockouts and lost sales. 
  • Reduce costs. Holding excess inventory can be costly for a food distributor. The cost of storing, managing, and disposing of excess inventory can eat into profits. Effective inventory management helps optimize inventory levels, minimizing the costs associated with excess inventory.
  • Manage shelf life. With a limited shelf life, food products must be sold before they expire. Effective inventory management helps ensure that products are sold before they expire, reducing waste and spoilage.
  • Handle compliance easier. Food distributors must comply with regulations related to food safety and traceability. Effective inventory management can help ensure compliance by providing accurate records of inventory movement and product traceability.

Streamlined Procurement with Acctivate

ERP for food distribution software for streamlined procurement, order management, fulfillment and more

Acctivate’s ERP for food distribution solution streamlines the procurement process by providing real-time insights into vendor performance, price fluctuations, and inventory availability, helping businesses make better-informed purchasing decisions, negotiate better prices with suppliers, and maintain better control over their supply chain. Acctivate helps food distribution businesses reduce costs, improve supplier relationships, and ensure a reliable supply of products.

Managing orders within an ERP for food distribution solution

The power of order management and fulfillment within an ERP food distribution system comes from direct integration with inventory and other areas of the company. Regardless of the incoming sales channel, orders are consolidated, handled in one place, and processed accurately and quickly with real-time access to inventory availability, credit management, shipping information, and customer history.

Acctivate’s ERP food distribution solution streamlines order processing and fulfillment, allowing businesses to automate tasks such as order entry, invoicing, and shipping, reducing errors, improving order accuracy, speeding up the fulfillment process, and resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Traceability

ERP for food distribution software with enhanced traceability

ERP systems for food distributors help businesses track the movement of food products from raw materials to finished products. 

Acctivate’s advanced traceability provides food distributors with the tools to track the movement of food products or ingredients throughout the supply chain, from origin to final destination, helping with regulatory requirements compliance, maintaining better quality control, and quick response to product recalls or quality issues.

Improving customer relationships with Acctivate, an ERP for food distribution

Acctivate provides businesses with real-time data on inventory levels, order status, and delivery times. It can help food distributors offer better customer service, build stronger customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, and drive repeat business.

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