Food Distribution System

Food distribution system by Acctivate streamlines distribution operations
Food distribution systems are used by food distributors to streamline distribution processes through real-time inventory control, order management, fulfillment, traceability, and more.

Food Distribution System

A food distribution system is a dynamic business solution for growing small and mid-sized food distributors, wholesalers, and multi-channel retailers. As a food distribution business grows, relying on manual and disjointed solutions can be the most significant barrier to scaling and increasing profitability.

Real-Time Inventory Control

Food distributors can better meet customer demands consistently with proper inventory control. Real-time inventory management with a food distribution system provides accurate views of current inventory levels, prevents out-of-stocks and overstocks, offers intelligent suggestions on reorder amounts, improves forecasting and demand planning, introduces faster response times, and lowers costs.

Food distribution system by Acctivate offers real-time inventory

With a food distribution system:

  • Manage and monitor an unlimited number of items in real-time
  • Manage inventory across any number of locations and warehouses
  • Assign one or more alternative product IDs to items
  • Receive low-stock alerts and auto-suggested reorder quantities
  • Know actual costs with landed cost and multi-currency

Powerful Traceability

Any food distributor understands the importance of lot traceability. A food distribution system with lot traceability allows for end-to-end tracking of raw and finished goods, all the way down to the ingredient level. Without traceability, a food distribution company is at risk from severe financial and regulatory upsets if a recall occurs when unprepared.

A food distribution system with traceability allows:

  • Monitoring and tracking of raw and finished goods end-to-end of your supply chain
  • Tracking of lot numbers of ingredients/components used in finished products
  • Compliance with USDA, FDA, and other industry regulators
  • A business to always be recall ready
  • Monitoring and tracking of expiry dates, quality issues, inspections, quarantines, etc.

Multi-Channel Order Management with Food Distribution System

Multi-channel order management is a dynamic feature for food distributors seeking to meet customers through their preferred medium. A food distribution system with multi-channel order management provides seamless order management across various sales channels, with orders flowing into one central location, making order processing a breeze.

With multi-channel order management:

  • Manage orders coming from online, EDI, offline, over-the-phone, face-to-face, email, catalog, mail order, and fax
  • Online orders automatically sync with Acctivate to update inventory changes and product availability in timed intervals
  • Create sales orders in real time with a mobile device
  • Orders include products, shipping and service fees, handling charges, and any additional chargeable items or activities required
  • Accept multiple payment options, including cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards
  • Book seasonal order shipments in advance with no inventory commitment

Seamless Order Fulfillment

Food distribution system by Acctivate simplifies order management and fulfillment

A food distribution system allows for the management of high-volume, complex orders shipping to multiple locations efficiently. With warehouse layout mapping and smart order picking, packing and picking times are significantly reduced. Additionally, packing information is generated quickly and shipped through chosen shipping carriers or solutions. The result impresses customers with fast delivery and provides a straightforward return process.

With a food distribution system’s order fulfillment capabilities:

  • Sort, filter, and prioritize orders as necessary within order management
  • Map warehouse with layout editor to improve picking routes
  • Generate smart picklists, individual or batch, to eliminate inefficient order picking and zigzagging
  • Print packaging documents and other necessary documents quickly
  • Integrate with shipping carriers/solutions of your choice (UPS WorldShip, Fed Ex Ship Manager, ShipStation, StarShip, ShipRush, Endicia,
  • Autogenerate tracking information for customer emails
  • Track orders from quote to fulfillment and through returns if necessary
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