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Window manufacturing software for manufacturers and distributors in the fenestration industry boosts assemblies, purchasing, tracking, scheduling, and more.

What is window manufacturing software?

Window manufacturing software streamlines and optimize the complex processes involved in the production of windows. From procurement to production to inventory management and order processing, window manufacturing software meets the unique needs of window manufacturers. Window manufacturing software enhances operational efficiency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process, assisting window manufacturers with the production workflow, tracking inventory levels in real-time, and managing orders seamlessly, resulting in faster production cycles and improved customer satisfaction. With the ability to automate repetitive tasks and provide valuable insights into performance, window manufacturing software plays a pivotal role in driving growth and success in the highly competitive window industry.

Window manufacturing software increases efficiency and accuracy

Investing in a window manufacturing software, like Acctivate, allows businesses to streamline procedures and free up time to spend on more core functions. Efficiency and accuracy are increased with robust features like manufacturing, tracking, purchasing, scheduling, CRM, reporting and many more.

Window manufacturing software for the fenestration industry

Window manufacturing software modernizes manufacturing

Window manufacturing software streamlines processes

Better coordinate and manage window manufacturing processes in your business with Acctivate’s manufacturing features, which provide the option to define windows as assemblies or kits within the bill of materials (BOM). Parts used in each window manufactured are specified in the multi-level BOM and inventory is automatically adjusted as window parts are used in the kits or assemblies during manufacturing.

Window manufacturing software streamlines tracking

Window manufacturing software increases production

Seamlessly track window parts and finished windows throughout the supply chain from vendors to customers with lot and serial numbers. The robust traceability feature in Acctivate tracks unlimited lot and serial numbers for a variety of purposes ranging from quality control and service management to product recalls and warranty management.

Window manufacturing software enhances purchasing

Acctivate’s purchasing management capabilities provide manufacturers a “window” into their supply chain to ensure the correct amount of inventory is available when needed. Procurement process tasks are simplified and automated, expenses are controlled, and vendors are easily managed with Acctivate purchasing management.

Acctivate inventory and purchasing management software user, Murphy Industrial Products

Window manufacturing software simplifies scheduling

Window manufacturing software increases productivity

Professionally manage services with instant, company-wide visibility of service scheduling, communications, and support to increase customer satisfaction. Acctivate’s service management functionality enables a quick view of activities, including details such as billing of materials labor, and communications, and the ability to easily rearrange and filter to simplify scheduling.

Window manufacturing software improves CRM

Delight your customers with fast and accurate customer service. Acctivate’s customer management offers an at-a-glance view of a customer’s purchasing, order, marketing and service history. An unlimited number of detailed customer profiles with information like business alerts, custom fields, service reminders and a map of their location are maintained in customer management.

Window manufacturing software advances reporting

Gain real-time visibility to company-wide data within documents and reports. The reporting feature in Acctivate includes 100+ out of the box reports and documents which are viewable in a customizable dashboard. Create customized reports and documents specific to your unique business needs with Crystal Reports®. All reports are managed and organized in our Report Catalog and easily printed or exported to common file formats.

Acctivate for QuickBooks® manufacturing software user, The Brand Passport
“Because Acctivate has a sync feature with QuickBooks, the data is a lot more accurate between Acctivate and QuickBooks versus our other inventory software and QuickBooks. In the past, all our former software would do was export data directly into QuickBooks, but there was not a send and receive type setup between the two.”
Jason Stuart, The Brand Passport
Logistics Manager
Window manufacturing software increases accuracy

Window manufacturing software boosts QuickBooks

Keep all financial data in QuickBooks but gain needed manufacturing and inventory management functionality by enhancing QuickBooks’ capabilities. Acctivate’s bi-directional integration with QuickBooks boosts operations for window manufacturers and dealers. The automatic transfer of data between Acctivate and QuickBooks saves hours of manual labor needed when using other systems.

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