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Packaging manufacturing ERP solution for helping packaging products manufacturers
A packaging manufacturing ERP solution assists manufacturers of packaging products with managing inventory, procurement, orders, and their entire business.

Realizing business improvements with a packaging manufacturing ERP solution

Designed to meet the needs of companies involved in the production of packaging products, a packaging manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution enables packaging manufacturers to manage their entire business operations, including inventory, procurement, sales orders from multiple channels, packaging and shipping, and customer relationships.

Packaging manufacturers track every aspect of their business operations in real time by centralizing operations within the packaging manufacturing ERP solution. The system enables manufacturers to automate and optimize workflows, improve production efficiency, and reduce costs. It also provides valuable insights into key performance indicators, including the cost of goods, inventory levels, lead times, and more, enabling packaging manufacturers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

Key components of the Acctivate ERP solution for packaging manufacturers and distributors

Packaging manufacturing ERP solution with robust features to improve overall operations

By far the most widely used accounting software by small and mid-sized businesses, QuickBooks is easy to use and great for handling accounts receivables, payables, and payroll. However, the need for capabilities beyond financial management develops as businesses grow.

Acctivate, a recognized leader in the industry, delivers features and capabilities beyond what QuickBooks can do alone. Combined, the QuickBooks and Acctivate packaging manufacturing ERP solution is a powerful system that helps packaging manufacturers streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve their overall business performance.

The Acctivate packaging manufacturing ERP solution includes tools to manage inventory, procurement, forecasting, multiple channel sales orders, order fulfillment, and customer relationships.

Inventory management

Packaging manufacturing ERP solution for inventory control

An ERP solution helps packaging manufacturers keep track of their inventory levels, track orders, monitor their supply chain in real-time, and ensure that they have enough manufacturing components and finished products on hand to meet customer demand.

With Acctivate, packaging manufacturers and distributors:

  • Automate many of their inventory management processes, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Gain detailed insights into their inventory levels, such as which products are selling well and which are not, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their production and purchasing processes.
  • Improve cash flow by optimizing their inventory levels, freeing up cash that would otherwise be invested in excess inventory.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by streamlining their operations and reducing the time and effort required to manage inventory, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

Forecasting and procurement

In-depth sales and inventory analysis is essential for packaging businesses to forecast which items are and will be in demand. Acctivate’s Demand Reports enable buying trend analysis to better predict future buying and production needs.

Based on expected outputs and quotas, packaging manufacturers then use Acctivate’s procurement tools to efficiently manage purchasing activities and manage suppliers to procure quality components in the correct amount and at the proper time. Accurate forecasting and purchasing capabilities reduce out of stocks, overstocking, and understocking. 

Kitting, assembly, and bill of materials

Acctivate delivers streamlined capabilities for kitting (made-to-order products), assembly (made-to-stock products), tracking work order stages in real time, and analyzing job costs to optimize processes. In addition to a flexible, multi-level bill of materials functionality, components can be specified and tracked for the builds.

Multiple channel sales orders

Packaging manufacturing ERP solution with multi-channel sales order management & fulfillment

Selling through multiple channels enables packaging businesses to reach a wider audience and provide customers with different options for purchasing their products, which can increase sales and customer loyalty. To effectively manage multiple sales channels, businesses must have a clear strategy for each channel and ensure that their inventory, pricing, and branding are consistent across all channels.

Multiple channel sales – eCommerce, EDI, an outside salesforce, telephone, fax, direct mail – have unique order management needs. Acctivate’s multi-channel management consolidates all orders into one system, delivering a seamless experience to customers regardless of what channel they use to communicate or purchase. The result is a better customer experience across all channels, with customers receiving the same information irrespective of how they interact with the brand.

Picking, packing, and shipping

Acctivate optimizes the order fulfillment process, reducing errors, increasing efficiency and accuracy, and improving customer satisfaction. Acctivate’s advanced picking capabilities include:

  • Configurable picking routines.
  • Individual or batch picking.
  • Zone picking.
  • Priority order management.
  • Mobile or paper picking.
  • Lot number management.

Packing documents may be customized, and the Acctivate Shipping Workstation integrates directly with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and StarShip. Acctivate automatically generates customer emails to provide order status and tracking information, if desired.

Enhanced customer relationships 

An ERP system helps packaging manufacturers improve their customer relationships by providing real-time data on inventory levels, order status, and delivery times which, in turn, enables manufacturers to provide more accurate and timely information to customers and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Acctivate – the packaging manufacturing ERP solution your business needs

Acctivate packaging manufacturing ERP solution

Acctivate is ERP software that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to help small and mid-sized packaging businesses manage their operations, inventory, and orders. Acctivate allows companies to optimize processes, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, orders, and business performance.

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