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ERP for QuickBooks system - Acctivate Inventory Software
An ERP for QuickBooks system enables businesses to integrate and streamline financial, inventory, business, and order management processes.

Creating an ERP for QuickBooks

If your business is like most small and mid-sized businesses, your accounting and financials are probably working well, and you’d like to keep using QuickBooks. QuickBooks manages finances efficiently and offers various financial features, including invoicing, payroll processing, expense management, and financial reporting. However, QuickBooks is not an ERP system.

Creating an ERP for QuickBooks system requires the addition of software to provide inventory, business, and order management, such as Acctivate, to gain the features needed to bring together the different departments and functions within an organization, organized around a centralized database that can be accessed in real-time.

So, that’s the first feature your new software needs – software that integrates with QuickBooks. Integration is how two software solutions share data and work together. Acctivate seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks with bi-directional integration, the most efficient way for a business to ensure accurate information.

What does the Acctivate ERP for QuickBooks system do?

The Acctivate ERP for QuickBooks system assists with:

Inventory management

Acctivate ERP for QuickBooks system for inventory control, purchasing, warehousing, order management + more.

 Inventory management oversees and controls a business’ goods and materials flow. Acctivate monitors inventory levels, manages the storage and tracking of inventory, and provides analysis of inventory data to make informed decisions about ordering and stocking products. Effective inventory management is critical to ensure that businesses have the right amount of inventory to meet customer demand while minimizing excess inventory. Proper inventory management can improve cash flow, reduce waste, and increase profitability.


 Purchasing management, or procurement, involves the acquisition of the products necessary for a business to operate efficiently and effectively. Acctivate assists purchasing managers with identifying the organization’s needs, evaluating suppliers, placing orders, and managing the delivery and receipt of goods and materials. Effective purchasing management leads to cost savings, improved supplier relationships, and a more streamlined supply chain.

Order management and fulfillment

Order management and order fulfillment include receiving and processing customer orders, preparing orders for shipment, and delivering them to customers. Acctivate consolidates orders from all sales channels, including web marketplaces, e-commerce sites, phone, fax, a direct sales team, and EDI, into a centralized database for processing. Barcoding and advanced picking and packing options streamline order fulfillment activities. Centralized order management and fulfillment ensures efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, minimizes order errors, and reduces shipping and handling costs. Accurate order management and order fulfillment help businesses improve their reputation, build customer loyalty, and increase sales.

Customer relationship management

 Customer relationship management is a set of practices businesses use to manage their interactions with customers and potential customers. Acctivate assists with collecting, analyzing, and utilizing customer data to understand customer needs, preferences, and behaviors, and improve customer interactions, from marketing and sales to customer service and support. Acctivate helps businesses build long-term, profitable customer relationships by providing centralized information for personalized and efficient service, addressing customer needs and concerns, and identifying opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. 

Overall benefits of an ERP for QuickBooks system

Integrating an ERP system with QuickBooks provides benefits for businesses

Integrating an ERP system with QuickBooks provides benefits for businesses, including:

Acctivate improves efficiency

The Acctiavte ERP system for QuickBooks facilitates and/or automates many time-consuming manual operational processes, such as data entry, inventory counts, and reporting. By improving the efficiency in performing these processes, businesses save time and improve profitability.

Acctivate provides better data accuracy and cost savings

 Integrating the Acctivate ERP system with QuickBooks helps ensure that data is entered correctly and consistently across different areas of the business, improving efficiency, reducing errors, avoiding costly mistakes, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Acctivate increases visibility into business operations

 The Acctiavte ERP for QuickBooks system provides businesses with real-time information access across the company, assisting with better-informed decisions and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Overall, the Acctiavte ERP system for QuickBooks helps businesses improve their business and operational processes and achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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