Onboarding Guide

Thank you for choosing Acctivate! By reading and following this guide, you will be prepared to take ownership of the Setup and Configuration of Acctivate. This is a great place to start whether you have recently purchased Acctivate or if you’re new to a company already using the software. This guide will help you plan, install, configure, and learn the basics of Acctivate. Our experience has led us to develop this guide to help you through each phase of the onboarding and training process.

Each implementation of Acctivate follows the same basic path from start to finish. Typically, the project will last four to eight weeks. The time it takes depends on several variables, such as the complexity of your installation and your organization’s time commitment to the project. Therefore, no standard timeline can be made as each company moves through the process at a different pace.

Building up and maintaining a momentum of learning throughout the process is one of the keys to completing a successful onboarding of Acctivate in your company. The three most common reasons for problematic implementations are:

  1. Configuring and using advanced modules without understanding the basic functionality of software
  2. Attempting to complete the process too quickly (before a good knowledge base has been acquired)
  3. Dragging out the process too long (when knowledge of the software is lost)

Please review this guide in its entirety so you are familiar with the resources within. We recommend bookmarking this guide to make it easy to navigate back throughout the project. Feel free to also check out our Online Training, if you are new to Acctivate.

This guide will help you achieve a successful Acctivate implementation! Follow the left navigation menu to help with each step of your onboarding.