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Sales ordersCustomers expect more today and consistent, high-performing sales order management software can be the pivotal competitive differentiator.

  • Quote it: Quick Quote from one screen, convert to an order with 1 click
  • Sell it: Multi-channel sales order management ~ online, offline, mobile, fax, mail order, telephone order, catalog
  • Ship it: Flexible, integrated shipping with multiple carriers
  • Manage it: Track, research, resolve, analyze, report

Acctivate’s sales order management software provides small & midsized businesses a software solution with fully-integrated sales order management that simplifies both pre-sale and post-sales activities and back office operations.

Sales order software user: Thievon Horticultural ProductsWhen we quote a customer, we can actually send them a quote with a picture of the product that we are talking about.”
Paul Thievon, Owner, Thievon Horticultural Products, LLC

Sales order management software to…
Quote it

Most companies handle quoting separately from ordering and don’t have a clearly defined process for converting the sales quote to the sales order – a critical step in the process for ensuring customer satisfaction, a costly duplication of efforts with re-entry into a new system and a chance for errors to occur.

Acctivate automates the quote and sales order process with tools to handle both with a 1 click conversion process when the quote becomes an order – even for orders with complex components, parts or configurations.

Quick Quote enables a quick item look up to check inventory for availability and to determine customer pricing based on an entered quantity, % discount, the customer’s contract pricing and other pricing variables.

Create formal Sales Quotes from one screen, with automatic credit check, then print and/or email the quote from Acctivate as a PDF file.

At anytime during the quote or sales order, if additional inventory, product, warehouse, credit, or customer service information is required, Acctivate’s drill down and drill around capabilities allows the user to view the required information without leaving the system.

All information related to quotes and orders on one screen with drill down.

ACCTivate customer: Murphy Industrial SupplyI really love how the weights are included on the sales orders.

So now you can tell the customer, ‘Well that weighs 657 lbs. Let me get you a freight rate on that quickly.’”
Tim Murphy, Owner, Murphy Industrial Products

Sales order management software to…
Sell it

Multi-channel sales order management

  • Handle online, offline, mobile, fax, mail order, telephone order, catalog
  • Sales orders can include products, service fees, shipping fees, handling charges or any other chargeable item or activity
  • Credit status displayed when order is entered with permission-based override capability
  • Multiple payment options including credit cards, checks, money orders, cash
  • Contract name and contact points can be selected or added at the time of sales order
  • Set requested ship date & a separate promise date
  • Don’t ship before and don’t ship after dates
  • Multiple-level special instructions on order for internal use or visible externally
  • Pre-defined comments may be selected for inclusion on any order
  • Book orders in advance of shipment without inventory commitment (seasonal)
  • Mobile sales orders can be created in real-time from a wireless device such as PDA while at a customer location, at a tradeshow or from your showroom
  • Customer may request specific text that prints on each order or invoice, i.e., compliance statement, internal routing, etc.
  • Standard shipping instructions, reference info, special handling or shipping instructions, customer job number and ship method may be recorded for each customer and automatically included on each sales order
  • Sales tax jurisdiction and rate information is recorded for each shipment to properly calculate, report and remit sales taxes for any number of states or other jurisdictions
  • Sales tax rates may be determined for overlaying jurisdictions
  • Customer specific product code, vendor specific product code, OEM product code or UPC code cross referenced to SKU with automatic translation during order entry


  • Interface to most shopping carts with one-time configuration using easy-to-use mapping tool
  • One click order synchronization between Acctivate and website
  • FedEx, UPS, USPS, ShipRush and DHL shipping integration with tracking information available to customers via email
  • All product attributes available online including images & descriptions
  • Real-time credit card payment processing
  • Vendor consigned inventory, Inventory consigned to vendor, or Vendor managed inventory (VMI) support
  • Drop Ship: Orders from any source can be drop shipped from vendor with the click of a button
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process support
  • 3PL support

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Inventory software customer: Texas Barcode SystemsThe ability to have multiple windows up helps as far as if you’re in an application where you’re entering a sales order and a part number is not setup. You just go into the product, add the part number, and then continue with your sales order.”
David Edwards, President, Texas Barcode Systems

Sales order management software to…
Ship it

  • Multiple pick route options
  • Wireless handheld and barcode picking
  • FedEx, UPS, USPS, ShipRush & DHL and Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping options
  • Any # of ship to locations per customer with contact information, dated notes, special instructions and delivery route information
  • Ability to set primary warehouse with override to alternate warehouses

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Inventory software customer: The Leakey CollectionAcctivate enables us to have a virtual office for every one of our sales representatives across the United States.”
Kristen Faizo, National Sales Manager, The Leakey Collection

Sales order management software to…
Manage it

  • Track order progress from quote through sales order, shipping, and, if applicable, rescheduling and backorders
  • Create, manage, control & monitor pricing decisions across the company
  • Fully-integrated customer management from lead to customer service
  • Complete historical record of contacts, emails, formal sales quotes, orders, invoices, products purchased and any other associated history related to the account is maintained in Acctivate
  • Business activity review provides a 1 click overview of all sales opportunities and may be further filtered by status, resolution, & priority date by 1 click of a drop down menu.
  • Create unlimited reports with Crystal Reports® for pipeline analysis, sales trends, gross margin analysis, win-loss analysis, and review or other sales opportunity information.
  • Gain control of cash flow & risk management with credit, receivables & collections tools

Inventory software user: SpazatainerBefore, we had no way of tracking quotes or assigning uniform prices. Now we have a single process so we can both deploy our staff and control our inventory better.”
Herman Hoffman, President, Spazatainer

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