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Thievon Horticultural Products

There were more elaborate programs that were much more expensive, but Acctivate offered plenty of power for the money.”
Paul Thievon
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Thievon Horticultural Products, LLC is a drop ship horticultural distributor who ships material from growers anywhere in the country directly to the customer.

Their product lines include: perennials, nursery stock, base root trees, conifers, large caliper trees, liners and ground covers.

“We sell essentially any plant material that has landscape value,” said Paul Thievon, Owner.

Their shipments can range from very small materials to 30-foot trees.

All these products needed to be managed better and that is what initially prompted Thievon’s search for inventory management software.

After extensive research, Acctivate was chosen

Thievon said the deciding factors for Acctivate were QuickBooks integration, affordability and high recommendations.

There were more elaborate programs that were much more expensive, but Acctivate offered plenty of power for the money.”

Product Management

Thievon said their initial need for product management improvements was addressed with Acctivate.

Horticultural distributor gains better customer supplier communication

Acctivate is a huge help in that we can organize all of our product lines easily.
Most of our vendors have their inventories in Excel and we can take that information and import it into Acctivate and add to our database so that we can do quotes and confirmations.”

Thievon continued to explain the value of being able to import product information into Acctivate.

When we quote a customer, we can actually send them a quote with a picture of the product that we are talking about.”


Acctivate also gives us the ability to send a document to our customers that they can show to their clients with their client information on it. We have been able to completely configure Acctivate with custom fields for us and also custom reports.”

Customer & Supplier Communications

The ability to email within Acctivate, keeps a great history of all communications about each order from the customer and supplier in one spot.
The email templates are very powerful at saving time by seamlessly pulling information into an email right from the database,” said Thievon.

Horticultural distributor gains better product management
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