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Acctivate is power wrapped in a simple package

An inventory & business management solution doesn’t need to be complicated to be sophisticated. Instead, an easy-to-use, accurate program can be the most powerful tool you have.
Don't stress, it's easy

Don’t stress, it’s easy.

No more mistakes.

No more mistakes.

More power, more business.

More power, more business.


A difficult software does not make a great software. On the contrary an easy-to-use, teachable, feature-rich software is the superior solution for everyone involved.

From a user perspective, the visibility of Acctivate makes it so easy to use and teach to someone who is not very computer savvy how to use it. It is much easier than our older system would have been.”
Alex Leebow, Business Development Manager, Betty Dain Creations


In business, there’s not a lot of room, or money, for mistakes. Acctivate’s real-time updates make consistent accuracy possible.

Acctivate is very current and up-to-date. With the amount of people in our office that work in Acctivate, it gives real-time, accurate numbers – you don’t have to go around and check with someone, ‘Okay, I see five of these sitting there, can I sell them?’ You can go into Acctivate and see, since the last time you looked, if someone has entered a sales order.”
Christ Hunt, Customer Service Manager, ScottCo Marine

Inventory software customer: ScottCo Marine


Don’t let the word “simple” fool you. Simple is powerful in the case of Acctivate – a simple solution packed with power at an affordable price.

There were more elaborate programs that were much more expensive, but Acctivate offered plenty of power for the money.”
Paul Thievon, Owner, Thievon Horticultural Products

Inventory software customer: Thievon Horticultural Products

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