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Acctivate not only helps you grow but grows right along with you

A critical component of a business’s lifecycle is growth. The longevity, noticeable growth, and profits Acctivate delivers sets the pace for a long, healthy life for your business.
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Noticeable Growth

Noticeable Growth



Acctivate has definitely saved us time and time is money. Acctivate is also ideal for growing. In Acctivate, the ability to add modules as needed is convenient and easy. We pay for what we need and if we need to add modules down the road, we can. Acctivate saves us money in that regard.”
Bart Matthews , President, Bison Supply LLC.

Acctivate software user: Bison Supply


When a company invests in a software solution to operate their business, they need to know the software is built to last, will be continually updated with new capabilities & can expand to handle the addition of virtually unlimited staff on the system, locally or globally. Acctivate is flexible, scalable and will grow as your business grows.

Something you always worry about when you buy software is you want to know: is it going to last or is it going to be obsolete in two or three years? That’s always your worst fear… But I’ve been very pleased with Acctivate since we got it in 2005 – and it’s still doing everything we need it to do and we haven’t even considered changing anything.”
Gene Day, Owner, Hobbs Iron & Metal, Inc.

Acctivate user: Hobbs Iron and Metal

Noticeable Growth

When you place your money and confidence behind an inventory & business management solution, the outcome should be growth – noticeable growth.

Acctivate helped us grow exponentially very quickly because it took all the data and put it into one source and, with that one source, we were able to manage our inventory, our order processing – our customer service was more accurate in the information they could give to our customers, which made our responses more immediate and served our customers’ needs.
When you combine all those factors together, Acctivate helped grow our business and it continues to do so today.”
Derrick Ricketts, National Sales Manager, Aidan Gray Home

Acctivate customer, Aidan Gray Home


More control & better visibility can be all a business needs to free up cash flow and start profiting.

Acctivate has given us more control over the process and allowed us to analyze areas where we should be making more money – it’s made us more profitable,”
Tim Murphy, Owner, Murphy Industrial Products

Acctivate user: Murphy Industiral Supply

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