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The value of Acctivate is in the details

From affordability to cost and time savings to the overall efficiency Acctivate brings to a company make this particular inventory management software one of the most valuable components to our clients’ operations.
The value of Acctivate is in the details
More power for less

More power for less.

Save money by saving time

Save money by saving time.

Accomplish more each day

Accomplish more each day.


When a business is looking for an inventory & business management solution, it can be a costly undertaking. But sometimes the most feature-rich solution is waiting for you with an affordable price tag.

We looked at a lot of packages and in terms of value for money, Acctivate gave us a lot more capabilities for the amount of money – it gave us sweet services that most packaged software solutions were asking five to 50 times more money.”
Stephen Kirby, Owner, China Auto Group

Inventory software customer: China Auto Group

Time Savings

No matter the size of your business, time-savings opportunities transform your operations into much more efficient and productive hours of the day, with the added bonus of cutting costs and boosting employee morale.

If we had to manually type everything, it’d take an additional couple of minutes for each order. You’re talking 400 minutes, which is an extra 6.6 hours. That’s almost one day’s worth of labor saved with Acctivate’s shipping workstation integration per week.”
Gregory Callas, Logistics Manager, Europe2You

Inventory software customer: Europe2You

Overall Efficiency

Automating tedious tasks often cuts down costs, saves time, and reduces labor. When a company saves money, time, and preserves energy for bigger challenges, the outcome can dramatically alter a company’s operations and accelerate their success.

Acctivate has made us a more responsive, agile company and that’s been very much appreciated by our customers. We have a lot of overseas customers that are distributors and we are in a much better position to sell to and support them now.”
Kevin Garvey, Chief Operations Officer, DataRay Inc.

Inventory software customer: DataRay

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