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Acctivate EDI is a very helpful and an easy module to utilize. Importing orders is done in the blink of an eye, no matter if there is one order to import or fifty.”
Mel Peters
Inventory Control Manager
Acctivate customer: BergHOFF Cookware and Kitchen Products
Acctivate Customer: BergHOFF

From a garage startup to global success,

BergHOFF’s high-quality cookware and kitchen products can now be found in more than 60 countries and counting, including the United States.

“The company made its start in the United States out of the CEO’s garage and has expanded drastically. We are currently running out of five warehouses in the U.S. alone,” said Mel Peters, Inventory control manager for BergHOFF cookware and kitchen .

Headquartered in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, BergHOFF manufactures & distributes high-quality, unique kitchen & tableware and has seen exponential growth throughout the years.

BergHOFF cookware and kitchen products

“We have a great marketing team and a fantastic design team. Since 2008, we’ve received 15 awards for designs and company impact internationally,” Peters said.

They contribute their success to their persistence and dedication, their strong and unique marketing positions, and their state-of-the-art structure, brand and products.

Peters also said the company is able to give back to the environment by teaming up with Tree Canada to plant trees in relation to product sales. BergHOFF International won Tree Canada’s 2008 Eterne Award for its partnership and dedication to ecological and environmental leadership.

A system to grow with

Prior to BergHOFF implementing Acctivate, they used another system, which was not able to fit their business needs. They tried the system for about two years and decided it made their situation worse, so they decided to start looking for a better inventory system.

Peters said the final deciding factor for Acctivate was the cost-effectiveness:

It was cost-effective for us for the size of our company and the things we saw about Acctivate were good things.”

BergHOFF cookware and kitchen products

They use Acctivate’s purchasing and order management features frequently to purchase items from Belgium, which is where they also warehouse their stock.

“It’s something that I use at least once a week, it’s very beneficial and simple, as well as being easy-to-use,” she said.

BergHOFF cookware and kitchen products uses Acctivate throughout their 60 locations around the world.

Peters provided a quick assessment of the key features they use daily in their operations…

Multiple Location

Multiple location control is used within the company to help the company keep track of their inventory in each of their warehouses.

Multiple location control makes things so much easier to track and count.”


They also heavily use Acctivate mobile modules and barcoding, which have dramatically improved their accuracy and productivity.

Barcoding has helped with processing time and packing time dramatically.”


Kitting is beneficial to us because we can take each piece and make specific sets when needed.
It’s great because some customers want sets exclusive to them. This way we can make one set for them and sell another set to everyone else using one or two of the same pieces, without losing the relationship with either customer or stocking inventory to sit during slower seasons.”


Acctivate EDI is a very helpful and an easy module to utilize. Importing orders is done in the blink of an eye, no matter if there is one order to import or fifty.”

Peters explained that exporting invoices works just as easily – with the touch of a button the invoices are back in the system and ready to be sent off to the vendor for payment. Each new vendor added to Acctivate is categorized so there is no fear of uploading the information for one onto another.

Not having EDI, would add hours to the workload of our processing department. We are all very satisfied with its performance so far.”

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