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Protect inventory investment & amplify supply chain visibility

Real-Time Inventory Management with Acctivate
Acctivate delivers real-time inventory control to small and mid-sized distributors, manufacturers and online retailers using QuickBooks.
Real-time Inventory Control
Acctivate adds inventory management efficiencies that keep a business functioning like a well-oiled machine.

With Acctivate, full visibility into inventory translates into optimized:

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Dominate product demand 

As product lines expand, the customer count increases & new sales channels open, the orders pile up. With Acctivate, small businesses are empowered rather than overpowered by the volume.

Plus, they acquire features and benefits that put them in the ranks equivalent or beyond that of larger business to compete successfully without a high-priced ERP.

Track an unlimited amount of product in real-time, at any location and across all sales channels (i.e., in-store, over the phone, eCommerce, EDI).
Real-time inventory tracking for all locations
Acctivate Inventory Software Product Inventory Tab
Acctivate Inventory Software Add-ons
Acctivate offers specialized, cutting-edge inventory capabilities that go beyond the basics to effectively satisfy advanced needs.

Make smarter business decisions with macro & micro data views

Powerful Search

Find products, vendors, transactions and more instantaneously through a powerful search capability.


Access ready-to-use, filterable reports and/or create new reports with Crystal Reports integration.

Inventory Dashboard

View data quickly via a convenient, customizable, visual inventory dashboard.

Timeline view of data

Stay informed with a central hub for products, transactions, vendors and purchasing highlighting historical/active data & strategic insights.

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Proficient lot & serial number tracking & tracing

As product travels within the supply chain, secure peace of mind knowing its pace from origination to production to fulfillment. Be empowered to take proactive and swift, on-demand action for product recalls, quality control and other tracking needs.

Assign lot & serial numbers to unlimited products

Assign lot & serial numbers to an unlimited number of products; as well as down to the component or ingredient level.

Lot & serial number control

Track & trace products back to suppliers, through outsourcers or to customers by lot or batch.

Lot & serial number management and reporting

Manage, view & report on source, expiration date, lot, inspection and quarantine information.

Lot Traceability in Acctivate

Traceability in the production process

Lot & serial number control is an overarching feature, which includes imperative data for manufacturing, e.g., recording lot/serial numbers for raw goods and tracking products from source to sale.

Traceability in the production process
Be Proactive.
Traceability info in less than 4 hours


It is critical for a business to know the scope of a product recall and where it originated in less than four hours.
importing & Exporting

Break barriers by propelling into global markets

Buy and sell globally with confidence through a dynamic and comprehensive feature set designed for success in global trade and regulatory compliance.

Landed cost for true cost of goods sold

Landed cost for true COGS related to products sourced worldwide

Calculate true costs of goods sold with precision by automatically capturing all additional costs (i.e., duties, taxes, VAT, government fees, freight, shipping or insurance) to make informed decisions on product sourcing & profitability.

Gain flexibility with the ability to allocate landed cost across one or more transactions based on quantity, value or weight.

Landed Cost in Acctivate
ENsure true costs.

Multi-currency solution to operate seamlessly internationally

Support multi-national strategies and currency conversion with all-encompassing tools that seamlessly align purchasing, sales, pricing and credit & collections activities.

Multi-currency capabilities
Support multiple currencies.

Warehouse management for imports and exports

Warehouse management for imports and exports

Create and manage separate warehouses and locations, i.e., an “ocean warehouse” to monitor on-the-water containers.

GAIN VISIBILITY IN ALL WArehouses & locations.

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The epicenter for goods production

Run the production process with finesse regardless of the manufacturing method:

Accommodate any way that products are made:

Acctivate has the tools to handle it all from purchasing, product creation, selling and tracking, which includes multi-level bill of materials (BOM) and workflow management functionality.

Manufacturing options in Acctivate Inventory Software
Advanced Bill of Materials

Advanced bill of materials delivers flexibility into production

An unlimited amount of raw goods and components can be defined in Acctivate to build a product as an assembly or kit.

Full control is given as the bill of materials can be updated at any time while preserving sales history for previously manufactured products; as well as assigning serial and lot numbers at the component level, end product level, or both.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Tab in Acctivate for component

3PL involvement

Acctivate coordinates effective communication with third-party logistics (3PL) for outsourcing supply chain management services, including the manufacturing of goods.

3PL involvement

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Strategic inventory replenishment

Preserve exact inventory levels to guarantee customer satisfaction with reliable insights (via tools, i.e., reorder alerts & inventory forecasting reports) into the what, when and who of procurement, accompanied by purchase order tools to fulfill stocking needs.

Acctivate Software Reordering
Purchasing management to have correct inventory levels

Maintain the correct quantities of inventory with reorder alerts, overstock analysis, demand reports, receivables management, and purchasing workflow.

Source quality products

Source quality products with forecasting and trend analysis for optimal buying decisions based on trends, seasonality, promotions & market changes.

Evaluate vendors

Evaluate vendors through supplier performance analysis for better planning & spending with complete historical vendor data, i.e., vendor’s published price, last cost paid, lead time, and last receipt.

Control costs, improve margins & manage risks

Control costs, improve margins & manage risks by knowing true product costs when comparing suppliers and uncover volume discount opportunities.

Drop shipping and special orders

Manage drop shipments and/or special orders easily, but separately to maintain the right inventory quantities and accurate forecasting.

Control purchasing to ensure sufficient inventory.

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Ensure your inventory investment is secure

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