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Unite all sales channels for greater order processing efficiency

Multi-Channel Sales with Acctivate
Acctivate empowers businesses to deliver superior customer experiences from quote to fulfillment to delivery to continued customer service—regardless of the sales source.
Multi-Channel Sales Solution
Stay on top of customer needs throughout the sales process & beyond with a centralized solution that connects & helps manage all operations accurately in real-time including:

Fuel order management to keep customers satisfied

Among the vast volume of orders, Acctivate is a versatile solution that handles sales within any channel and boosts the entire process through delivery.

Acctivate simultaneously provides a live view of inventory and order progression through workflow management to keep orders successfully moving through the supply chain.
Multi-channel sales tools boost order management & fulfillment
Build strong customer relationships with Acctivate
Acctivate’s multi-channel sales tools empower SMBs to exceed customer requirements and expectations via a dynamic fusion of CRM and operational data that helps optimize every phase of the customer journey.

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Acctivate has everything covered…

Correct inventory levels

Inventory levels in all warehouses secured

High order volume simplified

High order volume simplified

Unified Sales Channels

Different sales channels unified

Accelerate pick, pack and ship

Picking, packing & shipping accelerated

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Scale your business to process thousands of orders with relative ease, sustaining growth and retaining your flexibility to pivot in an ever-changing world.

Warehouse Management

Boost warehouse performance

Prime your warehouse with game-changing capabilities that will power order management and fulfillment to handle large volumes of orders across complex warehouses. Give your warehouse team the tools they need to meet daily fulfillment demands with ease.

Multiple warehouses and locations

Multiple Warehouse & Location Control
Infinite possibilities with how and where inventory is stocked through the ability to have multiple physical and/or virtual warehouses & limitless locations within each.

Mobile Warehouse Management

Mobile Barcoding
While on-the-move, accomplish quick, precise operations, such as receiving, order entry, picking, transfers and inventory counts.

Warehouse Layout Editor

Warehouse Layout Editor
Define the layout of your entire warehouse including aisles, walls, end caps, bin locations and walking paths, allowing Acctivate to intelligently map the best routes for picking orders.

pick pack ship warehouse editor
Boost warehouse performance.

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order management

Retain & gain customers with flawless order processing

With the livelihood of businesses dependent upon establishing and maintaining a satisfied customer base, Acctivate equips SMBs with order management capabilities that inject clarity and speed into the entire process from prospect through sale to customer service.

Unify multiple sales channels

Support all sales methods, i.e., eCommerce, EDI, in-store, etc.

Process any volume of orders

Process any volume of product demand with ease

Deliver to customers on-time

Guarantee on-time deliveries to customers

Easily access operational data

Access all operational data instantly to inform customers

Advance and process orders with ease

After a new quote or order is created, Acctivate guides users with visual feedback associated with advancing and processing an order.

Clearly know what to do next via a ‘next action’ button, as well as an ‘actions’ menu with a list of potential steps to help complete an order.

Be guided through steps for quotes that need to be scheduled or booked, to orders that need credit approval, a picklist created, shipments packaged, and invoices prepared.

pick pack ship action menu

Order processing hub

Acctivate’s Order Manager delivers a visualization of order progress snapshots and batch fulfillment actions to handle all orders transparently and quickly from one spot.

Acctivate Order Manager
Process orders flawlessly & impress customers

Mobile order management

Add precision and speed into the on-the-go order process with mobile solutions.

Multiple warehouses and locations

Order Entry
Enter sales orders from a mobile device from anywhere, instantly. Scan barcodes for quick product input and complete sales in real-time.

Mobile Warehouse Management

Workflow Management
Track products live as they move through each stage of the manufacturing supply chain, i.e. Work In Progress (WIP), In Progress, Completed.

Go mobile for an extra boost of order efficiency

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Order Fulfillment

Pick, pack, ship & track orders

Customers expect on-time, accurate delivery of their orders. After providing the ideal ordering experience, Acctivate continues to insert automation and ease into the rest of the order process.

Boost worker productivity

Maximize worker productivity

Eliminate bottlenecks

Eliminate bottlenecks

Lower Operational Costs

Lower operational costs

Minimize Errors

Minimize errors

Shorten fulfillment times

Shorten fulfillment times

Competitive Advantage

Deliver competitive advantage

Intelligent Picklist

Accompanying Acctivate’s Warehouse Layout Editor, the Picklist feature, enables batch picking of multiple orders on a single pick list with the most efficient walking paths provided to reduce time with a clear view of what to pick and where to go.

pick pack ship picklist
pick, Pack & Ship effortlessly

Mobile Order Fulfillment & Barcoding

Boost order fulfillment with mobile devices powered by Acctivate.

Mobile Workflow Management

Workflow Management
Track product movement and fulfillment tasks, i.e., pick in progress, picked, shipped.

Mobile Route Delivery

Route Delivery
Pre-establish routes and stops to know what to pull and load on delivery trucks & scan barcodes upon delivery to adjust inventory in real-time.

Mobile Order Picking

Navigate the warehouse via the best calculated routes for time efficient picking and ensure precision by scanning picked products instantly.

Mobile Order Packing

Access order and delivery info to print packing labels.

Boost Fulfillment with Mobile Solutions

Shipping Integration

Shipping Integration

Acctivate satisfies every step of the order, and at the point of shipping to delivery, it integrates with multiple carriers, i.e. FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL and shipping solutions, i.e. StarShip and ShipStation.

Fulfill orders seamlessly to satisfy customers

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Exceed customer expectations for online shopping

Unify webstore operations with all business through superior control of online orders achieved via 100% clarity and precision in inventory availability, order tracking and customer service.

eCommerce Platform Integrations
Acctivate seamlessly integrates with major players in the eCommerce world to align with specific business needs, i.e. Magento, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion, BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor & more.

Prevent shopping cart abandonment

  • Lower costs with a shipping solution or carrier integration to provide free or inexpensive shipping.
  • Cut processing time down to speed up fulfillment and guarantee on-time deliveries with automated order management tools, i.e. mobile warehouse management.
  • Retain customers with tools that enable on-demand responsiveness.
Dominate ecommerce operations alonG with all other channels.

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Magnify your market presence with big box

Build solid relationships with big box retailers and get your product in front of your target market with fully integrated, compliant & automated Electronic Data Interchange.

SMBs advance and compete successfully with EDI

  • Better accuracy to eliminate errors and chargebacks.
  • Automate tasks including high-volume order handling.
  • Integrated inventory control and business management.
Acctivate EDI supports 1000s of EDI trading partners

Acctivate EDI supports 1000s of EDI trading partners

Acctivate integrates with well-known EDI providers that empower SMBs (suppliers) to comply to retailer requirements in order to sell products in their physical and online stores.

Suppliers gain the automation and communication trading partners mandate to receive purchase orders, send invoices, and exchange other transactional documents with ease.

EDI simplified

The EDI tool in Acctivate maximizes accuracy with built-in alerts. The user interface displays all incoming and outgoing transactions for each trading partner on one screen—showing transactions that are error-free and ready to process with a click in batch. Any issues are flagged and resolution is simple and fast with Acctivate.

EDI order processing made easy in Acctivate
Succeed in big box retailers with EDI.

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Meet demands & develop solid customer relationships

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