Wholesale Supply Chain Management

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Wholesale supply chain management optimizes product accuracy, visibility, and forecasting from vendors and manufacturers to end consumers.

Running a successful wholesale business involves having the precise number of products inventoried in the warehouse, reliable vendors, happy customers who repeat purchases, – and the business needs to be profitable. Improving forecasting, purchasing, order management, and accuracy helps wholesale businesses achieve this accomplishment.

Wholesale supply chain management systems like Acctivate maximize business profitability with ecommerce, purchasing, drop shipping, EDI, landed cost, reporting, and a QuickBooks integration.

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Ecommerce: Simplify Online Selling

Offering products in a webstore allows businesses to reach potential customers from all around the world but requires another level of order management. Wholesale supply chain management eases the added work with omni-channel capabilities that streamline orders made online, over the phone, in person, through fax or mail, and more.

Wholesale supply chain management with ecommerce

Purchasing: Boost Wholesale Supply Chain Visibility & Control

Purchasing empowers wholesale supply chain management software with vendor and supplier data. Keeping purchasing and vendor information in the same system with inventory and other business functions provides company-wide visibility of the supply chain and improves control of expenses.

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EDI: Increase Wholesale Supply Chain Management Accuracy & Efficiency

Many businesses seek an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) order management system for automating routine tasks, hastening order processing, and managing inventory, fulfillment, and trading partnerships. Acctivate Wholesale Supply Chain Management is a powerful EDI order management system, providing your business with the tools necessary to optimize trading, improve accuracy, enhance transparency, and create profitable relationships with big box trading partners.

Wholesale supply chain management with EDI

Drop Shipping: Save Time, Money, & Warehouse Space

Wholesalers with limited warehouse space can keep overhead costs low with a wholesale supply chain management system’s drop shipping capabilities. Drop shipping provides small and mid-sized wholesalers the capacity to sell a broader assortment of products and, frequently, customers receive orders faster.

Landed Cost: Accurately Compute True Costs & Determine Profitability

Wholesale supply chain management with landed cost

The ability to source products from around the world offers businesses opportunities to reduce costs and increase product availability, potentially resulting in strategic and profitability gains. Wholesale supply chain management with landed cost assists with identifying which source provides the best profit by calculating each product’s true cost. Landed cost is calculated by adding all fees related to getting the products to your possession. These fees may include freight, duties, exchange rate, tariffs, taxes, insurance, VAT and may vary widely.

Reporting: Gain Whole Company Insight & Better Forecasting

Centralizing data within the wholesale supply chain management system enables wholesalers to create reports from any information. Reports help analyze information to better understand the business and forecast demand. Over 100 reports are available out of the box in Acctivate and provides the capability to make any report with Crystal Reports®.

QuickBooks Integration: Improve Communications with Financials

Acctivate is designed to share financial data with QuickBooks through bi-directional communications. Wholesalers can schedule an automatic sync to send and receive data during preferred times. Manual syncs can be done on the fly to update shared information at any time.

Wholesale supply chain management works with QuickBooks
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