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Net Result

San Diego QuickBooks consultant, Net Result

San Diego QuickBooks consultant, Net Result

Net Result helps when a business enters into its second stage of life. When a business needs to have a full-time bookkeeper onboard and has the responsibility of having employees, the need to have accurate cost analysis reports for cash flow projections arises. Instead of using Excel to create and manage critical data, Net Result helps businesses to implement third party applications that apply to their triple E principles: 1) Ease of use, 2) Effective to maintain, 3) Eliminate double data entry.

Located in San Diego, Net Result supports businesses in the distribution, manufacturing, field service and construction markets.

Net Result wants you to know:

We have a programmer on call that can create reports and functionality; as well as put them in a drop down menu in QuickBooks.

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Contact Net Result

More about James

James engineers solutions for QuickBooks and is the owner of Net Result. He supplies the ‘super Tylenol-like solution’ for all the headaches a company may have with inventory.

He started Net Result in 1994. Ever since he has helped small and medium businesses solve their challenges and increase efficiency through the use of simple, yet powerful technology, rather than additional staff.

What excites me the most about my work is the aha moment, when the business owner’s eyes light up and states, ‘Wow, I did not know you could do that!'”

My motto is…

For your best results, get the net result.”

I love business and technology, so being an accounting software consultant is a natural fit.”

Three goals on my life’s to-do list are…

1.) Visit New Zealand 2.) See the Northern Lights 3.) Train ride in Canada”

The best qualities I bring to my clients are: a professional yet personal relationship, patience, reliability, sincere desire to help them succeed, and a vast network alliance.”

One thing people would never guess from looking at me is

I love to play the drums.”