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Barcode Arena

barcode arena acctivate technology partner

Barcode Arena

At Barcode Arena it’s all in-house – they stock all of their equipment & service from within. Their reputation, testimonials, and knowledge-base/support speaks for itself. Barcode “know-how” is a skill they take seriously, and strive to help make businesses efficient & self-sufficient. They put an emphasis on refurbished as it reduces the amount of electronic waste put into our earth’s landfills, preserves earth’s raw materials, and decelerates non-biodegradable materials production & carbon emissions. Refurbished when done right results in a great experience, great savings, and makes an impact to preserve our planet longer for generations to come.

barcode arena acctivate kit

Key Benefits of Partnering with Barcode Arena:

  • Device is Guaranteed to run Acctivate
  • Wide Knowledge-Base in the Acctivate network
  • Cooperative Support from both Team and Acctivate Team

The Acctivate Barcode Scanner Kit from was developed in cooperation with Acctivate to provide you the most performance & longevity at the best price point. Everything you need in one click with the Acctivate bundle.

The Kit includes Rugged Handheld Barcode Scanner, Extended Life Battery, Charging Cradle Assembly, Hand-strap, and Tethered Stylus. They guarantee the products they supply with a minimum 1-Year Warranty and Help-Desk Support only from