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Electronic component inventory software
Electronic component inventory software to manage multiple sales channels, product lookup and much more

Managing an electronic components distribution business can be challenging with changes in demand, understanding true fully-loaded product costs, handling multiple sales channels and managing customer needs.

Acctivate is the solution electronics businesses look to to solve these issues and all of their inventory and business management needs.

Acctivate is affordable, powerful and includes…

Electronic component inventory software: Product lookup

Flexible product lookup includes SKU, UPC, vendor number, customer product number, description, serial number and more

Electronic component inventory software: Traceability

Lot number & serial number traceability with the ability to capture test certification, specification & related references

Electronic component inventory software: CRM

Sell to companies using EDI & on the web with Acctivate’s powerful eCommerce solution

Electronic component inventory software: Landed cost and multiple currency

Multi-currency & landed cost tools for global buying & selling

Gain the capabilities your business needs without leaving QuickBooks

Acctivate seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, allowing electrical suppliers, distributors and manufacturers to gain advanced inventory & business management tools while continuing to use QuickBooks for financial management.

Acctivate electronic component inventory software user, Edge360

Electronics distribution software user - Edge360

Electronic component inventory software to manage large product lists

Acctivate can easily handle your inventory, whether you have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of products.

  • Flexible product lookup includes SKU, UPC, vendor number, customer product number, description, serial number and more
  • See purchasing information for each product including published price, last price, lead time and purchase history for any number of vendors
  • Manage warehouse operations on a mobile handheld device
  • View a substitution list for each product
  • See a detailed ledger for each product
  • Manage inventory in any number of locations: warehouse, truck, cages or accounting classification
  • Optional support for barcoded products

Acctivate electronic component inventory software user, FPC Security

Electronics inventory software user - FPC Security

Serial number management simplified with electronic component inventory software

Serial number management simplified with electronics inventory software

Acctivate gives you the ability to easily manage serial numbered products with great power and flexibility.

  • Serial numbers can be recognized when received or when shipped
  • Mobile device receiving and picking with product code and serial number scanning
  • No duplicate serial numbers for any part or product
  • Convenient and powerful lookup of specific serial number for recall by product or customer

Acctivate electronic component inventory software user, Data Ray

Acctivate inventory software with lot number tracking user, DataRay

Acctivate electronic component inventory software user, Data Ray

“The manufacturing capabilities of Acctivate are really, really great because almost all of our end products have serial numbers so we can track them for warranty purposes, know where they’ve been shipped, etc.

Acctivate’s ability to have and to track the components in addition to the finished goods is one of the nicer features. We are able to look up a part and see what assemblies use it, for example.”
Kevin Garvey
Founder & CEO

Electronic component inventory software for managing multiple prices

Electronics inventory software for managing multiple prices

Acctivate has a very powerful pricing and technical specification structure designed to let you be in control.

  • Import pricing and specification from vendor-supplied data
  • Link each product to the manufacturer’s website
  • Store product metrics such as weight, height, length and volume
  • Link to product website

Acctivate electronic component inventory software user, DSX Access Systems, Inc.

Electronics inventory software user, DSX Access Systems, Inc.

Electronic component inventory software for handling returns

The electronics industry can see a lot of returned products. Acctivate helps you get control of all types, whether they’re returned to stock or not.

  • RMA initiation, approval & tracking
  • Issue credit, ship replacement, repair or return for credit
  • Return to stock, vendor or scrap after inspection

Electronic component inventory software with kitting

Acctivate provides a multi-level BOM that handles both.

  • Build kits for delivery
  • Build products for stock
  • See a where-used list for each component of a bill of materials
  • Track inventory allocation to work-in-progress
  • View assemblies in production

Improved importing management with electronics inventory software

Acctivate provides great tools to help document and manage the overall process of importing from overseas.

  • Track the progress of supply orders from submission through receipt at destination
  • Notes and e-mail for all parties involved
  • Include landed cost or added cost from any source

Acctivate electronic component inventory software user, Texas Barcode Systems

Electronics inventory software user, Texas Barcode Systems

Electronic component inventory software streamlines installation & repair

Electronics inventory software streamlines installation & repair

Acctivate has tools to help receive, repair and return products to your customers. You can also manage and schedule installation services.

  • Schedule installation and repair tickets by day and service rep
  • Create accurate billing from accumulated time and materials
  • Initiate and track installation and repair tickets
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