Webinar: Question & Answer Session

Join Lauren Stine as she covers questions sent in from customers, as well as answering questions sent in during the live webinar. She covers topics, such as closing your books, default ship via information, kit COGS, and custom fields on purchase orders.

Webinar Outline

  • What steps do we need to take when closing our books? (0:46)
  • How do I resolve related sync errors? (2:28)
  • Will the posted transaction show in QuickBooks with a sync error? (4:08)
  • Where do you close the books? (44:18 during live Q&A portion)
  • What happens when attempting to post a Landed Cost session which affects a closed period? (5:10)
  • What are my options? (6:14)
  • Why does Acctivate not synchronize the Sales Order Number to QuickBooks? (7:41)
  • Use Order Number as Invoice Number (10:37)
  • Is there a report that shows what activity synchronized with QuickBooks for a specific date? (13:56)
  • Inventory Detail Journal (14:23)
  • What report do you have to figure out sales trends per customer for each product? (17:00)
  • What report do you have to be able to see at a glance the sales for the past 3 months, 6 months and yearly? (19:27)
  • What report do you have to keep on top of shortages in inventory? (25:51)
  • What report do you have to be able to see the quantity available of items on a weekly basis? (25:51)
  • How can we update the BOM for a kit or assembly item? (33:54)
  • What is the logic behind the use of component COGS accounts for invoiced kits? (35:50)
  • Can we setup an item to take a percentage discount on items listed? (37:17)
  • Why can’t there be a default “Ship Via” method for a vendor as there is a default “Terms Code” for both customers and vendors? (38:50)
    • Customer Options – Ship To Location ID, Ship To Tax Category (39:25)
    • Sales Order Options – Ship Via, FOB, Product for Shipping Charges (39:47)
    • Purchasing Options – Ship Via, FOB, Warehouse (39:59)
  • When we issue a PO, our vendor will often have backorders or delays with some of the products we order. How do I show that a certain backordered product from the PO has a June 15 ETA and another June 30th, etc.? (40:23)
    • Standard Shipping Dates – Requested, Promised, Not before/after (41:32)
    • Custom Fields (41:48)