Webinar: Reporting Q&A Session with Donovan Sachs

During this webinar, we took questions from attendees on all sorts of areas as they relate to Acctivate Reports. Questions like, “Are Booked Orders part of the Open Order Report?” to “How would I create a customized Invoice?” This is the second installment of the Reporting Inside and Out webinar presented by Donovan Sachs with Alembic Computer Services.

Webinar Outline

  • Acctivate and Crystal Reports (1:01)
  • How will updating/changing product IDs change standard reports? (2:30)
  • How do I show orders that have been filled by a specific serial number? (5:43)
  • How can I show a list of customers and the last purchase date? (6:08)
  • How can we add a date range to the Stock on Hand report? (11:33)
  • Looking for a report that shows quantity of items sold in a month, 6 months, or a year. (13:28)
  • I can’t find the fields I’m looking for in the Configuration Manager. Where can I find more fields? (16:20)
  • How do I include custom fields on Crystal Reports? (29:30)
  • How do joins work? What needs to be joined? (21:10)
  • How to suppression formulas work in Crystal? (33:00)
  • How do you print with page breaks between groups? (35:42)
  • How can variance reports be generated to show what’s been received vs what’s on the packing list? (37:47)
  • Where are the Acctivate standard reports saved? (40:40)
  • How do we override an Acctivate standard report and get it to show in the company? (42:00)
  • Where are custom reports saved? (44:05)
  • How can we run a month to day and quarter to day commission report. How can I get this information to show on the current report side by side? (45:30)