Webinar: How to Safeguard your Acctivate Data

Get an in depth look at the available backup options. We cover the built in backup process, automated backups, as well as other backup strategies, including on-line, near-line, and off-line. This webinar presented by Keith Fileccia with Mendelson Consulting.

Webinar Outline

  • The importance of a backup strategy (0:37)
  • Data inside Acctivate is more valuable initial purchase cost
  • Equipment failure (1:53)
  • Ransomware (4:18)
  • Employee down time (7:28)
  • Data corruption (7:44)
  • Peace of mind (9:00)
  • Appended backup – full backup sets within the file each time
  • File size of backup sets (10:00)
  • Backup files could be larger than database size (10:15)
  • Using a SQL Backup Agent (10:40)
  • Recommended number of days to keep as a backup (13:02)
  • Creating a Windows task (13:42)
  • Switches and arguments for Windows task (14:30)
  • Rule #1: 3 copies of important data (17:21)
  • Rule #2: 2 different formats (18:23)
  • Rule #3: 1 offsite location
  • Check, Monitor, and Verify (20:54)
  • If keeping 7 days of backup, do you recommend overriding sets when using import data feature?
  • Issues with One Drive and file names with special characters or large file sizes. What are other options? (26:07)
  • How difficult is it to restore after a server crashes? What about workstation links? (27:25)
  • How does the backup strategy change if the server is hosted? (28:56)
  • Any advice on restoring databases to pull certain information out? (29:56)
  • When will Acctivate implement a cloud backup? (32:40)
  • Do you have any hosting provider recommendations? (33:36)
  • Is there a way to archive Acctivate data? (37:07)
  • Can you use Windows Task Scheduler to create a backup for QuickBooks? (38:34)