Webinar: Sales Order Manager

Check out the Order Manager utility. This is the place to go to manage all of your Sales Orders based on standard and custom filters. Enjoy the ability to print pick tickets based on workflow status, cancel and email orders in batch, plus much more!

Webinar Outline

  • Demo (4:53)
  • Configure (5:53)
  • View Button Properties (6:18)
  • Add / Copy Buttons (6:58)
  • Add Bar (10:23)
  • Filters (12:25)
  • Actions (14:30)
  • Workflow Status updates (18:15)
  • Prepare and Email Invoices (19:55)
  • Partially Invoiced (22:00)
  • Export to Excel (25:15)
  • Button Filters (26:55)
  • Default Workflow Statuses (30:40)
  • Per-User or Globally? Bars are company-wide, but Filters are per-user
  • Add-on or included in Base system? It’s included in Base system.
  • Are buttons only informational or are some actions automatic? Only informational, you must initiate Actions.
  • Can we use multiple email templates in a batch? No. Each email “action” can only use one message template.
  • Same functionality as Order Mgmt tab of Business Alerts? No, Business Alerts is very basic compared to Order Manager.
  • Permissions? There is a Maintain/View/Not Allowed permission.
  • Does it support order acknowledgements? Yes. The Order confirmation/acknowledgement can be emailed.
  • What is Sales Order Origin? That’s for web store, EDI, or manually entered. There’s also an Origin ID for each template / trading partner.
  • Does printing pick tickets set the Workflow Status? Yes.
  • Cancel Sales Orders in Batch (38:25)