Webinar: Sales Tax Options – Standard and Avalara

Join me as I take an in depth look at the different options for Sales Tax calculations. We’ll also dive into Acctivate to show how it’s all related and put into play for your business. This webinar includes a walk through of both the Standard and Avalara Setup, as well as use in Acctivate, for Sales Tax.

Webinar Outline

  • Standard
  • Avalara
  • Comparison of Options: Standard vs Avalara (10:42)
  • QuickBooks Company Preferences
    • Enable Sales Tax
    • Sales Tax Codes, Items, and Groups
  • Item List – looking over Item/Group setup (15:45)
  • Differences between Invoices using each option (17:50)
    • Standard Setup – Tax Amount in footer
    • Invoicing with Avalara – Tax Amount in Footer in Acctivate, but a line item on Invoice in QuickBooks
  • Acctivate Configuration Management (19:30)
  • Standard Setup and Use for Customers (28:55)
  • Avalara Setup and Use for Tax Exempt Customer (30:35)
  • Avalara Setup and Use for Taxable Customer (32:10)
  • Item Marked as Not for Resale (34:30)
  • Posted Invoices in Avalara Console (35:55)
  • Setting QuickBooks Item for Avatax Line Amount (38:10)
  • Not recommended
  • Do all customers need to be setup in QuickBooks with tax information and setup in Acctivate again? (40:39)
  • Customers with different ship to addresses inside and outside of the US. How do we assign the rates to them? (43:00)