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operational crm software
Operational CRM software streamlines, centralizes, and automates multi-channel business management operations.

Operational CRM Software

Operational CRM software automates, monitors, and tracks quote-to-fulfillment processes per customer, aggregating customer, activity, and product data, and documenting all interactions, providing a business with a clear, ongoing picture of the relationship. Through analysis, reporting, and dashboards, a business can understand a customer’s needs and patterns, make better-informed decisions, and employ more strategic planning.

What is Operational CRM software?

Operational CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a vital tool that empowers businesses to efficiently manage and streamline their day-to-day interactions with customers. At its core, Operational CRM software focuses on automating and enhancing various customer-facing processes, encompassing sales, marketing, and customer service. By centralizing customer data and providing a comprehensive view of each customer’s purchase history, Operational CRM enables businesses to nurture and strengthen relationships, identify valuable opportunities, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. In this article, we explore the functionalities and benefits of Operational CRM software, shedding light on how it empowers businesses to forge lasting connections with their customers and achieve sustained growth in today’s competitive marketplace.

Operational CRM Software

Operational CRM Software Streamlines Quote-to-Fulfillment Processes

The ability for a customer to move quickly and efficiently through quote-to-fulfillment processes is crucial. From web stores listing unavailable products as available items, to a sales team member needing to hang up and confirm before promising inventory, these types of missteps quickly turn away prospects and customers alike. When multi-channel small and mid-sized distributors, manufacturers, and retailers are outfitted with operational CRM software, sales and warehouse teams can depend on accurate information to guide customers through the funnel and dictate internal workflows.

Acctivate Operational CRM Software user, Aidan Gray

“Acctivate helped us grow exponentially very quickly because it took all the data and put it into one source and, with that one source, we were able to manage our inventory, our order processing – our customer service was more accurate in the information they could give to our customers, which made our responses more immediate and served our customers’ needs.”
Derrick Ricketts
National Sales Manager
operational crm user Aidan Gray

operational crm user Aidan Gray

While quote-to-fulfillment processes gain a major efficiency overhaul through daily task and routine automations, data regarding customers, their activities, and the products they purchase is collected and centralized for easy viewing with operational CRM software. The data gathered can inform sales teams on a variety of key insights necessary for building and growing invaluable customer relations.

For instance, some customers have abnormal buying patterns or are heavily dependent on seasonal shifts and not all warehouses can just sit on inventory sold only at specific times in specific amounts. Data helps a business to understand this and build customer-specific purchasing activities around them, getting inventory to the customer when needed via Drop Ship and Special-Order Tools. Another example is the impatient customer – the customer who calls at the last minute needs a bulk order, and needs it now – but won’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call their backup supplier if the sales team can’t instantly promise inventory. With Acctivate, sales teams can pull up inventory availability and any other helpful product or customer data quickly, turning a quote to sale with just one click, satisfying the impatient customer, and retaining their business.

Acctivate’s operational CRM software monitors and tracks multi-channel quote-to-fulfillment processes seamlessly, eliminating hiccups, moving soon-to-be satisfied customers through the sales funnel quickly and efficiently.

Operational CRM Software Collects & Centralizes Data

operational crm software customer data

Data-driven small businesses have a competitive advantage in terms of offering superior service. Acctivate’s operational CRM software records data related to customers, their interactions (emails, tasks, notes, activities), purchased products, and purchasing behaviors, providing insights and useful information for quick snapshots at a moment’s notice and for further future analysis. Acctivate enhances visibility, centralizing all relevant data in one location, and breaking down individual data components into labeled tabs for easy, quick viewing.

Acctivate also collects operational and analytical data for areas beyond the customer, enabling businesses to bolster inventory forecasting and demand planning, offering companies more control over their path to success.

Operational CRM Software Informs Decision-Making & Strategic Planning

operational crm software decision support

Acctivate’s operational CRM software collects and digests data, presenting users with easy-to-understand analysis, informative dashboards and timelines, and a powerful report builder. These visual tools help inform and support decision-making and empower strategic planning, including marketing.

A complete picture of all customers, some customers, or one customer is always at the fingertips of decision-makers, analyzing each step of the buyer’s journey, and making future demand predictions more sound. Gone are the days of impromptu actions and last-minute, blind decision-making. Acctivate provides the tools leadership, sales, and purchasing teams required to go above and beyond customer expectations.

Operational CRM Software for QuickBooks

Acctivate’s bi-directional QuickBooks integration allows small and mid-sized multi-channel distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers to maintain financials within QuickBooks while gaining advanced inventory and operational CRM management tools.

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