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Metal Distribution Software
Metal distribution software for QuickBooks® helps metal distributors manage inventory, purchasing, warehousing, sales, distribution & customers in one system.

Affordable and easy to use, Acctivate helps small and mid-sized metal distributors handle the daily challenges of running and growing their business.

Metal distribution software for handling global business

Metal distribution software for global business

Today, companies of all sizes have business dealings around the world. Whether importing products or raw materials, exporting goods, or establishing offices, factories or warehouses globally for strategic distribution reasons, businesses are increasingly in need of a system that can manage global operations easily.

Acctivate allows all locations to share the same real-time information in one location or many and has advanced capabilities for handling global business operations.


Acctivate’s comprehensive multi-currency solution enables international business with multiple currency sales and purchasing. Buy, sell, track, manage and report on activities in multiple currencies.

Metal distribution software for global order fulfillment

Global order fulfillment

Whether shipping from one warehouse or numerous strategically located around the country or world, Acctivate’s order management capabilities create a smooth flow from sale to customer receipt of the order by helping to eliminate bottlenecks, prevent errors and maximize efficiencies.

Landed cost

For businesses purchasing raw materials and products from around the world, Acctivate’s landed cost functionality helps businesses understand their true cost value, including freight, customs, taxes, shipping, and all the other costs involved in getting a product from the vendor to the destination.

Metal distribution software to manage and grow your business

Metal distribution software for business growth

Acctivate is affordable, easy to use, and provides businesses with the insights and visibility to anticipate trends, identify opportunities and easily access the information required for good decision-making.


Customizable at the user-level, Acctivate’s dashboards provide instant access to the information each user needs to be kept updated at a glance. The result: everyone in the organization is up to date with what matters most to their area of responsibility.

Document management

With document management and file sharing, Acctivate users can attach documents, images, agreements, receipts, and more directly within Acctivate and then access the document either from Acctivate or from any web browser or a mobile device anywhere, anytime.

Acctivate: The metal distribution software your business needs

Metal distribution software for QuickBooks

Your metal distribution software should fit into your existing business environment, be easy to learn and use, and have ability to handle growth as your business grows and expands.

Seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks

Acctivate integrates with QuickBooks®, the leading accounting software that most small businesses are already using or are familiar with. When combined, QuickBooks takes care of financial management and Acctivate handles the operations including inventory management, purchasing, orders, customer management, and advanced business management functionality growing businesses require.

Efficient, intuitive & easy to use

Metal distribution software doesn’t have to be complicated to be powerful. Acctivate is easy to learn and easy to use while having the advanced features and functionality to boost productivity across the organization and grow the business.

Easy to use metal distribution software


Built for businesses with a few employees or many, Acctivate grows with your business and can be scaled to handle substantial business volume and the addition of virtually unlimited staff on the system, meeting your business’ needs for years to come.

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