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Office supply inventory software
Office supply inventory software for QuickBooks® with inventory management, customer service, order fulfillment & multi-currency.

Acctivate makes managing your business easier with tools to handle these and hundreds of other inventory and business management tasks.

Without leaving QuickBooks, Acctivate adds advanced purchasing, inventory, order, and business management capabilities to your operations, while QuickBooks is continued to be used for financial management.

How much easier would managing your office supply distribution business be if you had a way to…
Office supply distribution software: Product lookup

Quickly look up products with product images stored with product descriptions?

Office supply inventory software : Special order wizard

Handle special orders and drop ship orders using a wizard to get product to customers?

Office supply inventory software : Multiple part numbers

Associate multiple product ID codes (SKU, internal part number, etc.) with each product?

Office supply inventory software : Multiple currency and landed cost

Make global buying & selling easier and more accurate using multiple currency & landed cost tools?

Office supply inventory software with complex product management

Office supply inventory software : complex product management
  • Flexible product lookup includes SKU, UPC, OEM number, customer number, description, serial number and more
  • See purchasing information for each product including published price, last price, lead time and purchase history for any number of vendors
  • Manage warehouse operations on a mobile handheld device
  • Quick cross-reference between OEM and aftermarket parts
  • See a detailed ledger for each product
  • Manage inventory in any number of warehouses and bin locations
  • Optional support for barcoded products
  • Fast product identification search
  • Product-specific, separately defined, multiple units of measure for purchasing, order-taking, pricing & stocking

Office supply inventory software with multiple ID codes for each product

Identify products by multiple product ID codes that may be associated with each product. Alternate product IDs may be used as an alternate lookup key or may be printed on the sales and/or purchase documents. Each product ID code may contain numbers, letters, special characters and embedded.

Examples of product ID codes include:

Office supply inventory software with multiple ID codes for each product
  • Vendor part numbers
  • Customer specific part numbers
  • SKU
  • Internal part number
  • Manufacturers’ part numbers
  • Industry-specific codes

Office supply inventory software with special order

Office supply inventory software with special order
  • Easily create a sales order with the product type set to Special Order
  • Evaluate vendor options and quantity to be purchased and edit as needed
  • Create a consolidated purchase order for all sales orders for a particular vendor with a simple push of the button
  • Declare any product as Special Order only
  • Receive products into a special warehouse for isolation, in order to not affect demand forecasting of items in stock

Office supply inventory software with drop ship

  • Efficiently manage numerous drop shipping purchase orders from one screen
  • Maintain control of the customer relationship by supplying drop-shippers with detailed packaging instructions
  • Link drop ship purchase orders to customer sales orders to allow for quick researching

Office supply inventory software with lot & serial numbers

Office supply inventory software with lot & serial numbers
  • Lot numbers can be recognized when received, shipped or both
  • Mobile device receiving and picking with product code and lot number scanning
  • Record and manage expiration dates by lot number
  • Convenient and powerful lookup of specific lot number by product or by customer
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