Webinar: Question and Answer Session

Join us for another question and answer session. We cover questions sent in prior to the webinar, as well as live questions sent in during the presentation. Topics covered include Configuration Management options, Labor on Assemblies, Workflow Status, etc. See below for full outline:

Webinar Outline

  • Could you review the year end procedure and inventory counts?
  • Can assemblies purchased as a finished good or does it have to be built in house?(48:08)
  • Why does an order with all items listed as B/O start out as Scheduled? (48:25)
  • Can you mask your labor cost or hide other product costs so employees can’t see it? (49:44)
    • View cost permission in Configuration Management (51:25)
  • What are the Requested and Approved by fields used for on Purchase Orders? (50:25)
  • How do you modify received quantities after posting the transaction? (52:43)