Webinar: Improvements in Version 10.2

Previously, we covered Sales Order Manager which is one of the main new features of version 10.2. Check out the additional features, such as voiding inventory transactions, workflow status updates, etc. After the demonstration, we cover a few live questions sent in during the presentation.

Webinar Outline

  • User Permission
    • Void Inventory Transactions
  • Sales Orders
    • Workflow Statuses (1:35)
    • Setting Default Workflow Statuses for certain actions (2:45)
  • Sort columns by clicking header
  • Improved speed using Available in filters
  • Multiple vendor records for IDs and pricing (8:08)
  • Report differences before and after posting
  • Bin Location, Transaction Date, Notes, and Posted stamp added
  • Selecting session to void, caveats to voiding
  • Recreating voided transaction
  • Prompt to back-date inventory transactions (20:03)
  • WooCommerce 2.6+
  • Multiple Lot Numbers per line on 945 Warehouse Shipment Notification
  • Last Tracking Number for Orders view
  • Sorting Order Manager Columns
  • Unassigned Workflow Status View
  • Process Credit Cards in batch
  • Email Invoices as PDF
  • CYMA 16.0
  • Drag and Drop .msg files into Acctivate (35:04)
  • Do we need to do anything to our Custom Reports after updating?
  • How does voiding transactions with lot/serial numbers effect things?(37:12)
  • Does the Shipping Workstation module work differently in version 10.2? (39:36)
  • If an order doesn’t list an email address, will the invoice be printed automatically? (40:22)
  • Please review update process (40:55)