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Auto parts software
Auto parts software helps automotive parts businesses manage their purchasing, inventory, and sales and provides real-time insights into business operations.

Success in the aftermarket auto parts business requires quick access to a vast amount of customer and product information to get a full picture of what is on hand, available to ship, and on order. Award-winning Acctivate is the software that auto parts businesses turn to for managing & growing their business because they know Acctivate is fast, packed full of the features they need, and it’s affordable.

And, Acctivate seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, which means your business can continue to use QuickBooks for financial management while gaining advanced inventory and business management tools including inventory control, warehouse management, forecasting, traceability, pricing flexibility, order and fulfillment management, eCommerce and more.

If your business is like most in the auto parts industry, you need to…
Auto parts software: Manage warehouses & serial numbers

Manage warehouses, serial numbers, and product lists

Auto parts software: Quick, flexible product look-up

Quickly look up products

Auto parts software: Installation and repair tickets tied to customers

Tie installation and repair tickets to customers

Auto parts software: Cross-reference between OEM and aftermarket

Cross-reference between OEM and aftermarket

Acctivate has the key auto parts software features critical for keeping an auto parts business organized, efficient and successful:

Auto parts software to manage the warehouse
  • Complex products
  • Counter sales
  • Serial number management
  • Product returns
  • Multiple prices
  • Importing
  • Installation & repair services
Acctivate’s flexibility makes it easy to configure to your specific business needs and is the perfect solution for:

Auto parts software for managing complex products

From aftermarket cross-reference to product specification… Acctivate has your automotive parts distribution business covered.

Auto parts software for managing complex products
  • Flexible product lookup includes SKU, UPC, OEM or aftermarket number, customer number, description, serial number and more
  • See purchasing information for each product including published price, last price, lead time and purchase history for any number of vendors
  • Manage warehouse operations on a mobile handheld device
  • Quick cross-reference between OEM and aftermarket parts
  • See a detailed ledger for each product
  • Manage inventory in any number of warehouses and bin locations
  • Optional support for barcoded products
  • Fast year-make-model identification search

Transform counter sales with auto parts software that improves customer service

Auto parts software for retail counter sales

Supply, invoice and collect from established or one-time customers, quickly and easily over-the-counter.

  • Take orders and give delivery at the counter
  • Support for established open receivables customers
  • Receive cash, check or credit card payments
  • Issue credit returns or exchanges
  • Use barcode scanning for quick and reduced-error order entry

Auto parts software for handling serial numbers

Auto parts software for handing serial numbers

Acctivate gives you the ability to easily manage serial numbered products with great power and flexibility.

  • Serial number can be recognized when inventory is received or shipped
  • Mobile device receiving and picking with product code and serial number scanning
  • No duplicate serial numbers for any part or product in inventory
  • Convenient and powerful lookup of specific serial number for recall by product or customer

Auto parts software with multiple pricing

Acctivate has a powerful pricing and technical specification structure designed to let you be in control.

  • Import pricing and specification from vendor-supplied data
  • Link each product to the manufacturer’s website
  • Store product metrics such as weight, height, length and volume
  • Link to product website

Manage the importing process with auto parts software

Manage the importing process with auto parts software

Acctivate provides robust tools to help document and manage the overall process of importing overseas.

  • Track progress of supply orders from submission to receipt at destination
  • Notes and e-mail for all parties involved
  • Include landed cost or added cost from any source

Auto parts software for managing installation & repair services

Auto parts software for managing installation & repair services

Acctivate has tools to help you manage automotive repair and installation services for your customers.

  • Schedule installation and repair tickets by day and service tech with VIN number reference
  • Create accurate billing from accumulated time and materials
  • Initiate and track installation and repair tickets
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