sENIOR marketing communications specialist

Ally Long

Ally Long
sENIOR marketing communications specialist

Ally Long

Ally Long

Ally Long is a Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist for Alterity, Inc. and an inventory expert utilizing her expertise and extensive knowledge of inventory optimization to help small businesses understand the need for proper operations management. Ally graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2017 with a B.A. in English Literature. Ally is both a detail-oriented and big-picture person who holds the skills to tackle whatever project comes her way.

Ally values the skillset she has developed since beginning at Alterity, Inc. and enjoys continuing to develop those skills and apply them to new projects. Ally’s favorite thing about the office is sharing an office with her close friend and colleague Erica.

When Ally was a little, she wanted to be either a lawyer or a veterinarian, but while she still believes she’d make an excellent lawyer, the smell of dog food sincerely bothers her, so veterinarian would probably have been a bad choice. If Ally could spend an evening in conversation with a  deceased person, she would spend it picking the brains of Karl Marx.

Ally is forever fascinated at the wild west that is The Internet. No matter the structures and regulation in place for cyber security and lawful usage, the snakes cut of the heads of malicious entities, hackers break in, and new snake heads always grow back. It is truly an ungovernable place.

In five years from now, Ally sees herself in service of others, always learning, and continuing to develop her creative skills, and perhaps, writing a novel. Who knows?

Role at Alterity:

Senior Marketing Communication Specialist


University of Texas at Arlington


ENFP: The Campaigner

Creative Type:

The Visionary

More fun facts…

Superpowers: Energy Absorption, Subjective Precognition, Animal-Whispering, Empathic Teleportation

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw