Consumer Goods Distribution Software

consumer goods distribution software by Acctivate optimizes business operations
Consumer goods distribution software helps businesses manage the distribution of consumer goods by tracking inventory, managing orders, and optimizing fulfillment.

Consumer goods distribution software

Consumer goods distribution software is important for companies that manufacture and/or distribute consumer goods for the management of business functions ranging from purchasing to customer management. Companies using consumer goods distribution software realize accuracy, efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction improvements.

Acctivate consumer goods distribution software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to provide a complete distribution solution for managing inventory, multi-channel orders, purchasing, landed cost, traceability, and other critical business operations.

Consumer goods distribution software for inventory management

Consumer goods distribution software controls inventory levels to ensure that the right amount of stock is available at the right time to handle customer demand while avoiding overstocking or running out of stock.

Acctivate tracks inventory across multiple locations, provides real-time visibility into stock levels, reorder points, and safety stock levels, and manages receiving, picking, and shipping products quickly and accurately.

Multi-channel order management

consumer goods distribution software by Acctivate centralizes multi channel orders

The primary requirement for delivering a multi-channel customer experience is real-time access to the same data across all channels, whether the order originated at an e-commerce store, a marketplace, via EDI, or by a sales team member. In other words, one system centralizes product availability, orders, customer data, and shipping and tracking information, with the same information available to users across the company.

Acctivate centralizes offline and online worlds into one system, eliminating slow and error-prone customer and order information re-keying. With an integrated solution for multi-channel management, consumer goods distribution businesses are more adept at fulfilling and managing customer orders in a timely and efficient manner.

Calculating landed cost for a consumer goods distributor

Consumer goods distributors need to know their products’ fully landed costs once they have arrived at their final destination. Landed cost takes into account not only the price of the product but also various expenses such as transportation, insurance, customs duties, taxes, tariffs, and other fees that may be incurred during the shipping and importation process.

Acctivate calculates the total landed cost of goods purchased from suppliers. Knowing the landed cost of goods helps businesses make informed purchasing decisions and budget accordingly, allowing them to accurately price their products for customers.


consumer goods distribution software by Acctivate improves tracking

Traceability allows organizations to track the history of an item to ensure that products are safe and meet quality standards, as well as to provide a method to trace any issues back to their source quickly. Traceability also helps organizations identify areas for improvement in their processes and supply chain, allowing them to make changes that improve the quality of their products and services.

With Acctivate,

  • Track an unlimited number of raw and finished goods end-to-end of the supply chain, including lot numbers for ingredients used in production.
  • Track assembled and kitted products.
  • Manage and track quality-control issues such as expiry dates, lots, inspections, quarantine information, etc.
  • Better comply with industry and federal regulations.
  • Be recall ready

Acctivate consumer goods distribution software

Award-winning Acctivate is powerful and flexible consumer goods distribution software that helps businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and grow their operations. Acctivate is a premier solution for maintaining financials within QuickBooks while gaining the tools you need to optimize and grow your consumer goods product-selling business.

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