Consumer goods software

Consumer good software
Consumer goods software streamlines operations, manages inventory, helps businesses anticipate trends, meet consumer demands, & manage multi-channel orders.

Consumer good software

Acctivate Consumer Goods Software

Acctivate consumer goods software is the flexible, fully integrated inventory, order, and distribution solution for manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors of consumer goods that has…
Consumer goods distribution software : Product list with images

Real-time inventory control with advanced features, including the ability to store product pictures with product descriptions

Consumer goods distribution software: CRM

Sell to thousands of companies using EDI & on the web with Acctivate’s powerful eCommerce solution

Consumer goods distribution software: Multiple part numbers

Associate multiple product ID codes (SKU, internal part number, etc.) with each product

Consumer goods distribution software: Special order wizard

Special order & drop ship order wizard gets products to customers with reduced stocking requirements

Consumer goods distribution software: Landed cost & multiple currency

Multi-currency & landed cost tools for global buying & selling

Acctivate consumer goods software user, Chrome Industries

Acctivate consumer goods software user, Chrome Industries

The consumer goods software that works with QuickBooks your business needs

Acctivate consumer goods software is the powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable solution your growing business needs. An added bonus of Acctivate is its seamless bi-directional integration with QuickBooks to allow vendor and customer related transactions occur both in Acctivate & QuickBooks. The best part is a QuickBooks user can continue to manage their main financials within Acctivate. Acctivate is a perfect fit for:

Acctivate consumer goods software user, Betty Dain Creations

Consumer good software user, Betty Dain Creations

Consumer goods software with matrix inventory management

Consumer goods distribution software: Matrix inventory management
  • Single dimension matrix from style to a variant where the variant can be color, size or any other variant of the product needed to be supported.
  • Every variation in the matrix is assumed to have the same price
  • Each variation will have its own cost
  • Variations are managed as separate SKUs
  • Sales history is maintained at the matrix level
  • Inventory movement is maintained at the component level

Consumer goods software for Drop Shippers

  • Efficiently manage numerous drop shipping purchase orders from one screen
  • Maintain control of the customer relationship by supplying drop-shippers with detailed packaging instructions
  • Link drop ship purchase orders to customer sales orders to allow for quick researching

Acctivate consumer goods software user, LDA Creations

Acctivate consumer goods software user, LDA Creations

Consumer goods software to handle Special Orders

  • Easily create a sales order with the product type set to Special Order
  • Evaluate vendor options and quantity to be purchased and edit as needed
  • Create a consolidated purchase order for all sales orders for a particular vendor with a simple push of the button
  • Declare any product as Special Order only
  • Receive products into a special warehouse for isolation, in order to not affect demand forecasting of items in stock

Consumer goods software fully integrated with your eCommerce platform

  • Powerful eCommerce and Multi-channel order & customer management across online, offline, mobile, fax, mail order, telephone orders, or catalog channels
  • Orders are processed electronically from website to shipping, with no need for printing anything except the shipping label
Consumer goods distribution software: eCommerce

Acctivate consumer goods software user, Christmas Designers

Acctivate consumer goods software user, Christmas Designers

Consumer goods software to manage lot & serial numbers

Consumer goods distribution software: Lot & serial numbers
  • Lot numbers can be recognized when received, shipped or both
  • Mobile device receiving and picking with product code and lot number scanning
  • Convenient and powerful lookup of specific lot number by product or by customer

Consumer goods software solution that is fully EDI compliant

  • End-to-end, fully-compliant EDI solution created for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Sell finished goods to thousands of companies using EDI, automating all processes and handling all order processing from purchase order to shipping electronically
  • Automate routine tasks, eliminate rekeying of documents & experience extensive productivity gains

Acctivate consumer goods software user, BergHOFF

Acctivate consumer goods software user, BergHOFF

Acctivate consumer goods software user, BergHOFF

“Acctivate EDI is a very helpful and an easy module to utilize. Importing orders is done in the blink of an eye, no matter if there is one order to import or fifty.”
Mel Peters
Inventory Control Manager
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