Acctivate Inventory System Requirements

Acctivate is a Windows desktop application that is usually installed on your server and workstation computers. Acctivate utilizes the Microsoft SQL Server database engine and numerous third-party software components.

Acctivate Inventory Server Requirements

The following minimum requirements are required for a successful on-premise installation. Acctivate may also be offered by a third-party hosting partner. Please contact your sales representative for more information about hosting options.

Server (Install Guide)

ProcessorAt least 1.4 GHzAt least 2 GHz
Available memory1At least 512 MBAt least 1 GB
Operating system
–   Windows Server 2016
–   Windows Server 2019
–   Windows Server 2022
Note: All Windows Server Editions are supported (e.g., Foundation, Essentials, Standard, Datacenter)
Windows Server 2016 or later
Operating system
(workgroup hosts)3
–   Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
–   Windows 11 Pro (64-bit)
Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) or
Windows 11 Pro (64-bit)
InternetBroadband connectionBroadband connection

Workstation (Install Guide)

ProcessorAt least 500 MHzAt least 1 GHz
Available memory1At least 128 MBAt least 256 MB
Operating system3–   Windows 10 Home2
–   Windows 10 Pro
–   Windows 11 Home2
–   Windows 11 Pro
32-bit or 64-big
Windows 10 or Windows 11 (32-bit or 64-bit)
InternetBroadband connectionBroadband connection
Monitor1280 x 1024 resolutionDual Hi-Res monitors

1  “Available memory” refers to the system memory (RAM) not in use by the operating system and other applications. Please refer to Microsoft for operating system memory requirements and limits.

2  Microsoft Windows “Home” editions may not be compatible with your business network (e.g., domain). Please contact your network support professional for information regarding these editions.

3 Acctivate cannot be installed on Windows 10/11 in S mode. However, the Remote Desktop app may be used to connect from a Windows device in S mode to run Acctivate on a terminal server.

Operating Systems

Acctivate is a 32-bit Windows application but is supported on 64-bit Windows operating systems as a Windows-32-on-Windows-64 (WOW64) installation.

Some Acctivate server components may require a 64-bit operating system. Refer to the system requirements above.

Acctivate runs in the Microsoft® environments listed above. Novell NetWare, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X are not supported. Microsoft provides a Remote Desktop client for Mac OS X to provide remote access to the Acctivate software running on a Microsoft Windows computer.

Database Server

Acctivate uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database server.

Microsoft currently allows free distribution of the Express Edition. Please consult Microsoft to understand their distribution policy and product specifications.

For systems with large data volumes, Microsoft recommends the Standard Edition. The Standard Edition can utilize more CPUs/Cores, Memory (RAM) and provide a higher total database capacity.

The Server install of Acctivate will install Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Express if an existing instance named “ACCTIVATE” does not already exist or if the install is not configured to use an existing instance of Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and up is supported, including all editions except the Compact Edition. Refer to the Microsoft SQL Server system requirements is using a version other than the version currently distributed by Acctivate.

Disk Requirements

Disk requirements may vary greatly by customer. Each installation must be analyzed as to the amount of data required for accounting and other purposes. In addition to data storage requirements, Acctivate requires 300 MB for program storage on the server and 100 MB on a customer workstation. For single user installations the requirement is 300 MB.


Some Acctivate features and Alterity remote support rely on a strong internet connection. Alterity recommends a broadband connection provided by a commercial grade internet provider.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is not required for Acctivate. However, some Microsoft Office components are used such as the Microsoft Access Database Engine for importing from Microsoft Excel files.

There have been compatibility problems reported with the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office that affect these components. Microsoft recommends 32-bit Office for most users.

Please review our latest Knowledge Base articles regarding 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office.

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports Viewer is embedded within Acctivate, allowing you to print, preview, and export reports created in SAP Crystal Reports. Acctivate currently distributes Crystal Runtime 13.0 sp33 to perform these functions.

SAP Crystal Reports, the editing software, is not required and is not distributed with Acctivate. Creating and customizing reports for Acctivate requires obtaining a copy of Crystal Reports from an authorized seller.

Crystal Reports 2016 (32-bit) and later are supported versions by SAP and therefore recommended.

Third party Hosting

In the event a third party company is used for hosting the software, the third party is required to sign the license agreement, as well as the end-user. Please contact your sales representative for more information about hosting options.

Mobile WMS Requirements

In addition to the Acctivate System Requirements, the handheld device that will run Acctivate Mobile WMS must meet the following system requirements:

  • Android 4.4 (KitKat) or greater
  • Zebra or Honeywell device with a built-in barcode scanner (required for barcode scanning)

Mobile WMS Optional Components

Acctivate Mobile WMS does not require that the handheld device have a barcode scanner, but if you wish to scan barcodes, the following scanners are supported:

  • Zebra built-in barcode scanners for Android
  • Honeywell built-in barcode scanners supported by the Honeywell Mobility SDK for Android

View the supported mobile devices KB article for a list of recommended Android devices.

Integrated Financial / Accounting Software

CYMA versions supported
Quickbooks versions supported