senior account executive

Payton Viator

Payton Viator
senior account executive

Payton Viator

Payton Viator

Payton Viator – Senior Account Executive at Alterity – utilizes her inventory management expertise to find methods for Acctivate to help potential customers. As an inventory expert, Payton can immediately spot where businesses need Acctivate to streamline their business processes.

Payton graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Business with a minor in Accounting and another minor in Finance. Payton considers herself to be both a big-picture and detail-oriented person depending on the project at hand.

What Payton values the most about her experience at Alterity is the culture of the company and the knowledge she’s gained along the way. Payton takes pride in helping customers find a solution that makes their work lives easier and businesses run smoother. What brightens Payton’s day most at work is the comradery between colleagues.

When Payton was little she wanted to grow up to be an anesthesiologist or a psychiatrist. As an adult, Payton knew she would be terrible at a job that had little social interaction. If Payton could spend the evening in conversation with a deceased person, she would spend it with Amelia Earhart. Payton wants to know what really happened during Amelia’s fateful last flight and believes she would be an excellent conversationalist and an inspiration to chat with. 5 years from now, Payton would ideally be living on a few acres of land with a small zoo of animals, perhaps starting a family, and definitely continuing her career of helping businesses grow.

What Payton finds most fascinating about technology is the unlimited possibilities that come with it and how many new opportunities arise as it grows.

Role at Alterity:

Senior Account Executive


University of Texas at Arlington


ESFJ: The Consul

Creative Type:

The Innovator

More fun facts…

Superpowers: Camouflage, Thought Detection, Animal Whispering, Super Speed

Hogwarts House: Slytherin