Inventory Transactions Training

Getting Started with Transactions

Quick Checklist

  1. Review the receipt window, as well as the alternate option of using receipts to break products down.
  2. Adjust quantity on hand for a few items.
  3. Issue stock out as an expense unrelated to a specific customer.
  4. Create and enter an inventory count. Check out this webinar on full vs cycle counting.
  1. Create a standalone vendor bill via landed cost to allocate costs to inventory.
  2. For customers utilizing multiple warehouses or bin locations, create an inventory transfer. Print the session before and after posting to review the associated forms.
  3. When doing manufacturing, create an inventory assembly transaction.
  4. Sync with QuickBooks and review the accounting entries sent to QuickBooks.

Guided steps for specific functions regarding transactions

Navigate the Inventory Transactions Library:

Receipts | Adjustments | Transfers | Assemblies | Landed Cost | Track & Trace | Void Transactions