Assemble Finished Goods with Acctivate Mobile Inventory Assemblies

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With Acctivate Mobile Inventory Management, users can create and post inventory assembly sessions without printing work orders. Based on the configuration management settings for mobile assemblies, employees can save and/or post the sessions directly from the mobile device. Once posted, the selected components and their respective lot/serial numbers or bin locations are removed from stock while the finished product is added to inventory.

Inventory Assemblies with Acctivate Mobile

Assemble Inventory on Windows Mobile Device

  1. After logging into Acctivate mobile on the device using the same credentials as on the desktop version, select the Inventory button.
  2. Select Assemblies
  3. This opens the Inventory Assemblies screen which shows 2 options:
    1. Open existing transaction: Toggle this option to select from a list of open inventory assembly sessions. Skip to step 12 after choosing this option.
    2. Create new transaction: Create a new inventory assembly session.
  4. Press the right arrow below these two options to move forward to next screen.
  5. Add the product needing to be assembled. This action is performed by scanning a product barcode, manually entering the ID in the Product field, or using the lookup to search for and select from a list.
  6. Specify the build Qty being assembled. When utilizing process assemblies, a Yield value will become available on screen.
  7. Choose warehouse from W/H drop down. This is the warehouse the finished product will reside in.
  8. If using bin locations, you have the option to scan, lookup, or manually enter the Loc.
  9. When creating a lot/serial numbered item, enter the Lot / Serial # value in the named field. If this lot/serial number expires, check the Exp box and select the expiration date.
  10. Enter values in the Desc, Ref, and Spec fields for the transaction, if needed.
  11. Select the right arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to move to the component screen.
  12. The next window allows the user to review the components used in the assembly item chosen, as well as the quantities used in building the assembly.
    1. Select each line to make necessary changes for values like W/H, quantity (variable components), adding lot/serial numbers, and choosing a Loc.
    2. When needing to modify the list of components shown on screen, save the session on the mobile device to be opened on the desktop app. This includes adding lines for additional lot/serial numbers.
  13. Once the components and their quantities are reviewed and verified, select the green check box in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  14. The last screen gives the user the option to Save and/or Post the assembly session. This does require an option to be checked in configuration management. If needed, adjust the build qty or yield. Click green check at top left-hand corner to submit or post.
  15. A message shows on screen telling the user what session number was saved or posted. Saved sessions can be accessed another time on the mobile device or the desktop app.
  16. Select green check in top left-hand corner to complete transaction and go back to Inventory Assemblies screen.