Inventory Count

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physical inventory count can help keep accurate inventory numbers whether they’re done in a cycle of regular intervals or at year-end.

In Acctivate, there are 3 steps to do an inventory count:

  1. Prepare and Print Count Sheet(s)
  2. Count Product in Warehouse(s)
  3. Enter Quantity on Hand and Post to Inventory

Once posted, an Inventory Adjustment is created based on the variance of the quantity on hand at the time the sheet was printed, and the quantity entered on the count sheet. Whenever a count sheet is prepared, quantity on hand is frozen in the database for the items listed. Any additional transactions entered after the sheet is printed will not be accounted for while the count is open.

Some customers prefer to print the sheets ahead of time. When necessary, users can print a count sheet and delete the session from Acctivate in the Enter Count window. When ready to perform the count, prepare a new count sheet for the same items and continue with the normal steps.

It is VERY important that you stop all stock movement. This means post all existing inventory transactions and invoice all shipped orders before preparing and printing count sheets. Acctivate will take a snapshot of the quantity on hand at the time you run the Prepare Count Sheets function. The count adjustment will be based on the “snapshot” quantity and will NOT be adjusted based on additional transactions entered while the Inventory Count is open. Make sure to run through the following:

  1. Run through your open inventory transaction sessions: Adjustment, Assembly, Issue, Transfer, and Receipt windows. Any session in the list is considered open and not posted. Clean up the list, if any in the drop down, by deleting incorrect sessions (created by mistake or multiple times) and posting any sessions needing to be included in the quantity on hand.
  2. Mark incoming Inventory Receipts as “Do Not Inventory” (DNI) and don’t include them in the count.
  3. Record count quantities BEFORE picking inventory for sales orders or components for assemblies that must ship or post during the count.
  4. Do NOT use an Inventory Balance Adjustment transaction during the count.

Doing these steps will ensure the count quantities are entered correctly based on the freeze count stored in the database when preparing the count sheet.

Prepare and Print Count Sheet(s)

  1. Select Inventory Print Count Sheets, which will open the Print Inventory Count Sheets window. Skip to step 8 if needing to print sheet already prepared.
  2. In the Prepare tab, choose the following from the Select for count section:
    1. Warehouse: Which warehouse are you wanting to count in this session?
    2. Product Class: The default is All, but users can limit what prints on the count based on product class assignments. This can cut down on the size of the count sheet.
    3. Count Cycle: This is a manually updated alphanumeric product field used to create cycles for inventory counts. Enter the value in question to select specific cycle.
Prepare inventory count sheets for print
  1. To choose sort order on the sheet, select the proper Sequence in the Count sheet organization section:
    1. Product ID
    2. Description
    3. Location, Product ID
    4. Location, Description
    5. Product Class, Product ID
    6. Product Class, Description
  2. Toggle the option to Include empty warehouse locations based on need in the Warehouse Locations.
  3. Click OK when ready to create the count sheet.
  4. The user will be prompted with the following message with an option of choosing Yes or No:
    BEFORE you prepare count sheets, you MUST:
    1. Stop all movement of the stock to be counted.
    2. Post all inventory transactions.
    3. Invoice all shipped orders.
      Has this been done?
  5. Choose Yes to continue
    • If a matching count sheet exists or no products listed in the filters chosen above, you may receive a message which reads “There are no products to be counted that match the selection”. You must delete the old count sheet to continue or choose alternate filter criteria. See Enter Count section below for delete instructions.
  6. Toggle to Print tab, if not immediately doing so after preparation of count sheet. Select the session needing to be printed. Make sure to check the Preview box beforehand to see a print preview of the count sheet.
  7. When ready, click Print.
Print inventory count sheets

Count Product in Warehouse

In Acctivate, users have 3 options for counting inventory in their warehouse. They can be manually counted and written on the printed count sheet, scanned with a mobile device using Acctivate mobile, or entered directly into the Enter Count window. The count sheets include the following information:

  • # – Dictates the line number of the product row on the count.
  • Product ID – The unique alphanumeric value assigned to the product
  • Description – Verbose explanation of what Product ID is to customers and end users.
  • Lot/Serial # – Available for lot/serial numbered items. The count breaks each lot or serial number into its own line for the product ID. This way the users can count how many are in each lot or if the serial number still exists in the warehouse.
  • Location – When utilizing bin locations, you’ll see this value for any item stocked in a location. Just like lot/serial items, the product ID will repeat down the column for each new bin location with quantity on hand for the item in question.
  • Count – Enter the quantity counted in the blank box.
  • Unit – This translates to the stocking unit of the item. Alternate purchasing and sales units cannot be used for inventory counts.

The quantity on hand is not printed on the count sheet by default. This forces the users to count each unit in the warehouse without knowledge of what the system currently shows. Enter the amount of each product you have on your shelves in the Count column of the count sheet.

Enter & Post Count

After the physical count is done, gather the count sheets back together and enter the count numbers into the system or verify numbers entered via mobile devices.

Enter inventory count
  1. Navigate to the count window by going to Inventory > Enter Count.
  2. Select the proper Count Sheet and Section.
    1. If needing to delete a count, you can do so after this step by clicking the red X icon on the top left corner of the window. The user receives a warning about this session being removed. Click Yes to remove count session.
  3. Enter the Count Qty recorded on the count sheets or verify the numbers saved from Acctivate mobile. Make sure to include zero quantity on hand as zero count qty for any items not in the warehouse. If you leave the count quantity blank, Acctivate will skip the item as if you did not count it.
  4. When multiple sections exist, choose the next Section in the drop down when finished with the first. Repeat these steps until all sections are counted.
  5. When you are done, click the Print button to verify the entered quantities. Review the count report and make sure it is accurate before continuing.
  6. Once verified, click the Post button.
  7. Choose Yes on prompt about being ready to post.
  8. If products were left with blank quantities. The user will receive a secondary prompt stating the number of products not counted and asking to post without counting them. Click Yes to continue.
  9. After posting, Acctivate adjusts the inventory based on the variance (changes) between the old and new inventory levels. Users can review the Inventory Variance Report at any time to see the full details of the adjustment. Feel free to Preview, Print, or Cancel this prompt based on need.