What is stock control software?

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What stock control software is and why it’s an excellent tool for small and medium sized businesses for managing stock levels.

What is stock control software?

At the very least, each business should have a general idea of the stock, or inventory, which are on-hand. This concept is known as stock control.

Many different methods exist for controlling and managing stock.

Some of these methods include:

  • Pen and paper
  • Spreadsheets or documents and
  • Software programs (such as stock control software).
types of stock control systems

Stock control software is software that’s been made specifically for stock control purposes.

What are the benefits of stock control software?

While the pen and paper method for stock control is popular for many businesses, it is extremely tedious and laborious.

Spreadsheets and documents are highly prone to entry errors. In fact, as much as 88% of spreadsheets contain errors such as wrong numbers and logic and omission errors.

software provides visibility into stock levels

In relation to other methods, stock control software is more attuned for stock keeping purposes. Its features and capabilities have been fine-tuned to help businesses maintain better control and visibility into their stock.

Stock control software consolidates the other areas of the supply chain that affect stock, such as purchasing and sales.

What are some of the specific features of stock control software?

As mentioned earlier, stock control software offers better visibility and management of stock levels through its integration of inventory, sales, and purchasing in a central system. The software’s specific features in the areas of sales order management and purchase order management add greater capability for stock control.

sales purchasing and stock

Here are some examples of ways that software for stock control can be utilized.

Purchase order management

establishing minimum and maximum stock levels

An important strategy for stock control is establishing minimum and maximum levels for each product.

With software, minimum and maximum levels for each product can be set in the system.

Many Acctivate customers set each product’s minimum and maximum values and use the reorder feature to generate a purchase order directly from the alert, streamlining the purchasing process.

“One of the biggest features that I use in Acctivate is the inventory reorder feature, where I can set the minimum and maximum inventory values.

Without an inventory system, we would have to manually go through inventory, decide what to order, and figure out our forecasting needs. With Acctivate, there are reports that can give us that information.”
Brent Gutierrez, Killer Bee Bait
With software, Killer Bee Bait knows when stock levels are low

Drop shipments tend to be an area of concern for many businesses, as it can lead to complications in recording the process and understanding true stock levels.

drop shipments with stock control software

However, stock control software simplifies the drop shipping process and correctly establishes the inventory status for drop shipped items.

A&D Sales and Marketing primarily drop ships items to their customers, which can be difficult to keep accurate records of and track. However, with Acctivate, they are able to create a purchase order directly from the sales order and maintain accuracy with stock levels and purchasing and sales information.

“After we create a sales order in Acctivate, we can go into the dropship wizard and automatically create that purchase order at the same time. Every time a sales person enters an order, we have the product purchased and the sales price right there all together – so we have a paper trail and it’s all in our system”
Pam Stockland, A&D Sales and Marketing
CPA & Treasurer
A&D Sales and Marketing uses Acctivate to manage drop shipments

More information on advanced purchasing needs can be found on our informational page here.

Sales order management

understanding stock levels with software

Software specifically for stock control will provide the availability of items, such as available, backordered, on-hand, etc.

Acctivate customer Pigs Unlimited had been using a whiteboard in each department to manually keep track of stock levels. Now with Acctivate, all users across departments can see stock levels in real-time.

“Acctivate shows what’s actually available – it shows what we have in stock, what we have on-hand, how many are expected to go out, and what is on order.”
Lauren Barrera, Pigs Unlimited
Pigs Unlimited is able to see real-time stock levels
software automatically updates stock levels in real time

Additionally, stock control software will automatically update stock levels to reflect any changes in the product’s levels.

For example, when a sales order is entered in, the software will automatically deduct the item(s) from inventory.

European Wine Resource had initially managed stock levels using spreadsheets, which meant stock had to be manually adjusted after each sales order. However, by using Acctivate, they no longer needed to manually update stock levels because the system automates the process for them after each sales order.

“Before, we had a big spreadsheet that had our entire inventory in it, which was how we would keep track of inventory. We would have to constantly remember to subtract the items from that spreadsheet every time we conducted a sale.

Whereas with Acctivate, everything is streamlined. When we create a sales order, Acctivate automatically subtracts the products from inventory.”
Gregory Gandolfo, European Wine Resource
Operations Manager
European Wine Resource uses software to automatically update stock levels

For more information on sales order management and stock control, check out our Order Management page here.


reporting and analysis with software

Virtually any data from the stock control software can be assembled into the form of a report. Reports come in a variety of types, sizes, complexity, etc.

  • Inventory Overstock Analysis
  • Stock On Hand
  • Inventory Reorder Report
  • Inventory Analysis by Product
  • Monthly Demand Summary

Using either standard or custom reports, Acctivate customers utilize the information in the system to get the data they need and how they need it. For example, DSX Access Systems is able to look at historical data in Acctivate down to the product level to help with demand planning.

“I use reports in Acctivate a lot for trending: I use the product sales reports and based on those reports, I compile another report that shows average usage so that I can know approximately how many assemblies I need to build on each product per month.”
Marty Monroe, DSX Access Systems
DSX Access Systems utilizes reporting for demand planning

Learn more about Acctivate software for stock control

Acctivate software for stock control

Acctivate is powerful, affordable, and easy to use software made exclusively with small to medium sized business looking to improve stock control in mind.

Acctivate also offers a variety of features to provide businesses the tools they need to efficiently manage their operations and have better insight and visibility over workflow.

If your business is looking to improve its stock control, then it’s time to learn more about Acctivate software.

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