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Home furnishings & furniture inventory software
Furniture inventory software to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Home décor and furniture manufacturers and distributors worldwide are under ever increasing pressures and in need of methods of reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and managing a multi-channel environment.

Acctivate helps home furnishings businesses tackle these challenges with affordable, award-winning software that includes tools for…

Furniture distribution software: Multiple locations

Managing buying, manufacturing, warehousing & distribution activities – in one location or multiple throughout the world

Furniture inventory software: CRM

Selling to thousands of companies using EDI & on the web with Acctivate’s powerful eCommerce solution

Furniture inventory software: Customer management

Handling, marketing, customer communication & customer relationship management

Acctivate home furnishings & furniture inventory software user, Europe2You

Home furnishings & furniture inventory software user - Europe2You

The home furnishings & furniture inventory software your business needs – without leaving QuickBooks

Furniture inventory software with Kitting

Acctivate home furnishing and furniture inventory software’s flexibility makes it easy to configure to your specific business needs, making it the perfect solution for specific business applications such as fabric wholesalers, home décor distributors, appliance store ownersfloor covering distributors and online retailers, and lighting showrooms.

Acctivate was built to tightly integrate with QuickBooks and the result is a seamless work environment and user experience. QuickBooks is continued to be used for financial management, while advanced inventory and business management tools including kitting, eCommerce, traceability, pricing flexibility, order management, and EDI are enabled with Acctivate.

Furniture inventory software: eCommerce

  • Powerful eCommerce and Multi-channel order & customer management across online, offline, mobile, fax, mail order, telephone orders or catalog channels
  • Orders are processed electronically from website to shipping, with no need for printing anything except the shipping label

Furniture inventory software: EDI

  • End-to-end, fully-compliant EDI solution created for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Sell finished goods to thousands of companies using EDI, automating all processes and handling all order processing from purchase order to shipping electronically
  • Automate routine tasks, eliminate rekeying of documents & experience extensive productivity gains
Furniture inventory software: EDI

Acctivate home furnishings & furniture inventory software user, Arabel

Acctivate home furnishings & furniture distribution software user, Arabel

Furniture inventory software: Customer Relationship Management

Furniture inventory software: Customer Relationship Management
  • Lead management: Online lead capture, offline list imports, lead assignment, configurable lead, qualification data fields & lead history information
  • Contact & customer management: Manage & share an unlimited number of contacts & account profiles, create custom-defined fields, maintain complete customer history, search capabilities
  • Marketing lists: Manage prospect & customer marketing communication materials, unlimited number of mailing lists, Acctivate Mail Wizard for exporting lists, Acctivate Broadcast email Wizard
  • Sales opportunity & activity management: Custom-defined fields, Customized naming, sales cycle phases & probability increments, Activity management, Alerts
  • Sales order management: Customer information & detailed purchase history, credit status, customer service history, Acctivate Quick Quote, convert quotes to orders with 1 click, mobile sales orders
  • Customer service: Service ticket management, customer communication tracking, escalations & alerts, reminders & collaboration, customer information repository, return merchandise authorization (RMAs), custom fields, search capabilities
  • Issue tracking & management: Tracking & trending of product issues, defects, bugs, service issues and product enhancement requests
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