Inventory Glossary

N – Inventory management terms

N - Inventory management terms

Inventory management definitions and inventory terms beginning with the letter N

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negative inventory

Negative inventory is when an inventory balance appears to be a negative number, normally as a result of a location-level error or an item-level deficit.

netsuite alternative

A netsuite alternative is a complete inventory and business management software solution designed for small to mid-sized distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers to meet their budget, size, operational, and growth needs.

netsuite vs. quickbooks

NetSuite and QuickBooks are business software solutions but differ significantly in their target markets, features, and pricing.

non-billable materials

Non-billable materials are items or parts used and tracked but not billed to a customer.

non-billable time

Non-billable time is time worked and tracked that is not billed to a customer.


A non-inventoried item, also called non-stock inventory, is a product that is purchased or sold but is not tracked in the inventory system.

NRF codes

NRF codes, or NRF standard color and size codes, are standardized product color and size identification codes for EDI purposes that supplements the information conveyed by UPC codes.

nutraceutical inventory software

Nutraceutical inventory software is software with key features critical to nutraceutical manufacturing and distribution businesses.

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