Inventory Glossary

F – Inventory management terms

F - Inventory management terms

Inventory management definitions and inventory terms beginning with the letter F

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farm inventory management software

Farm inventory management software is a solution for farm producers, distributors, and online retailers designed to improve, elevate, and accelerate inventory and business operations.

fashion inventory software

Fashion inventory software is software designed specifically for manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and footwear.

fastener distribution software

Fastener distribution software is software designed for fastener distributors to assist in managing inventory and business operations.


FEFO is an acronym for First Ended, First Out or First Expired, First Out.

field service

Field service refers to service staff and outside technicians that work outside the office or in the field.

field service billing

Field service billing tracks billable and non-billable time and materials for services, enabling service tickets to be billed separately or combined on a single invoice.

field service management software

Field service management software is software designed to manage scheduling, communications, billing and customer service associated with a field service operation.

field service scheduling

Field service scheduling provides graphical viewing and scheduling of service activities.

field service scheduling software

Field service scheduling software tracks and invoices time and materials for services.


FIFO is an acronym for First In, First Out and refers to using or selling the oldest inventory first and/or as an inventory valuation method.

fill rate

The fill rate is the percentage of sales orders that can be filled with the inventory or stock on hand.

financial adjustment

Financial adjustments correct inventory records to match actual inventory levels.

finished goods

Finished goods are goods that have completed manufacturing and are available for sale.

fixed lead time

Fixed lead time is a lead time generally associated with manufacturing that does not vary because of quantity changes.

fixed location storage

With fixed location storage, specific locations are assigned to inventory items.

fixed position scanner

A fixed position scanner is a barcode scanner or reader that is installed in a fixed position and the barcode is read by passing the label over the reader.

flat-fee shipping

Flat-fee shipping is a type of shipping charges where the customer is billed one shipping fee regardless of the size or weight of the order.

floor covering software

Floor covering software is software for floor covering distributors and retailers to manage inventory, eCommerce, fulfillment, and other operations.

floor stock

In manufacturing, floor stock is inventory stored on the production floor, not allocated to specific orders, to be used as needed during the manufacturing process.

follow-up reminders

Follow-up reminders are a type of automatic alert associated with any activity, issue, follow-up, event or project.

food distribution software

Food distribution software is software designed specifically to address the needs of the food distribution industry.

food export software

Food export software is software for food export businesses to simplify inventory tracking, order management, and compliance of food safety regulations.

food importer software

Food importer software is software for food importers to solve inventory, order management, and distribution needs.

food inventory software

Food inventory software is software for the food industry providing inventory and business management, lot number traceability, sales management, tiered pricing, importing and catch weight.

food-grade warehouse

A food-grade warehouse is a warehouse for storing food, food additives and other food related items adhering to industry standards for safety and sanitation.

food safety erp

Food safety ERP enables small to midsized food and beverage businesses to be proactive in producing, handling, and distributing safe, quality product, while complying with regulatory requirements through one connected system to coordinate, track and instantly retrieve company-wide data.

foodservice software

Foodservice software enables small to midsized foodservice distributors to optimize all operations to efficiently serve foodservice operators.

footwear inventory software

Footwear inventory software is software designed specifically for manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors of footwear.


A forecast is a prediction of future demand based on past history and known market changes.

forecast adjustment

A forecast adjustment is a change of course, such as a reduction in product produced, based on changing conditions.

forecast demand

To forecast demand, the use of decision support tools such as demand reports, enable buying trend analysis to better predict future buying and production needs.

forecast error

A forecast error is normally the result of forecasting without sufficient decision support tools or a change in buying trends and/or market conditions.

forecast horizon

A forecast horizon is the period of time for which a forecast is prepared.

forecasted turnover

Forecasted turnover is a prediction of the number of times a product is turned over or sold in a specific period.


Forecasting is predicting the future demand based on past history and known market changes.


Fulfillment, also called order fulfillment or picking and shipping, is the process of filling a sales order by picking the order contents, preparing packages for shipping and shipping the package.

furniture ERP software

Furniture ERP software for furniture manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers to boost inventory, fulfillment, and business operations.

furniture inventory software

Furniture inventory software is software designed for furniture and home furnishing companies to manage inventory, purchasing, order management, eCommerce, EDI and other business functions.

frozen food ERP software

Frozen food ERP software for frozen food producers and distributors to manage inventory and business operations, including batch processing, lot tracking, and automating routine tasks.

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