Inventory Glossary

H – Inventory management terms

H - Inventory management terms

Inventory management definitions and inventory terms beginning with the letter H

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hand held computer

A hand held computer is a portable computer, enabling users outside of an office access to a software solution.

hand held scanner

A hand held scanner is a type of barcode scanner that can be held as it reads and decodes a barcode, sending the information to a barcode system.

handheld computer

A Handheld computer, also called a mobile computer or handheld, is a small, lightweight computer that extends access and capabilities to warehouse and field environments.

handheld scanner

A handheld scanner is barcode scanner that is made to operate while being held, typically with a trigger button for operating the device.

handling fees

Handling fees are additional fees intended to cover the labor and package expense associated with shipping an item.

hardware inventory management

Hardware inventory management combines the use of inventory management software, personnel and procedures to maintain inventory control to effectively manage inventory for a hardware business.

hardware inventory software

Hardware inventory software is software designed to handle inventory, business management and the complex operations of hardware and industrial supply businesses.

Home Depot EDI

Home Depot EDI is an EDI management solution for small and mid-sized businesses supplying Home Depot.

home furnishings inventory software

Home furnishings inventory software is software designed for furniture and home furnishing companies to manage inventory, purchasing, order management, eCommerce, EDI and other business functions.

horticulture software

Horticulture software is software for agricultural supply companies to manage operations more effectively, lower costs, and promote growth.

how to manage inventory

When determining how to manage inventory, consideration must be given to inventory control procedures, inventory software, and management oversight of with the entire business.

HVAC inventory software

HVAC inventory software is software for HVAC companies to ensure powerful inventory, business, and service management.

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