Inventory Glossary

E – Inventory management terms

E: Inventory management terms

Inventory management definitions and inventory terms beginning with the letter E

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eCommerce, or electronic commerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet.



EDI, or electronic data interchange, is the electronic exchange of information, by pre-defined message standards, with a minimum of human involvement.

edi capable

EDI capable occurs when a business has the tools to process and automate the exchange of documents electronically according to EDI standards.

EDI integrated software

EDI integrated software is fully-compliant EDI software that enables businesses to conduct fully-automated EDI transaction processing.

EDI order processing

EDI order processing ensures supplier compliance, hastens order fulfillment, and nearly eliminates all potential for errors through automation.

EDI transaction 810

EDI transaction 810 (EDI invoice) sends the invoice electronically from a company to the EDI trading partner’s system.

EDI transaction 850

EDI transaction 850 (receipt of an EDI Purchase order) sends the purchase order electronically from the EDI trading partner’s system to the supplier company. Upon receipt, the purchase orders is imported as a sales order.

EDI transaction 856

EDI transaction 856, (ASN or Advance Shipping Notice) is an electronic notification of pending deliveries, similar to a packing list.

EDI transaction 997

EDI transaction 997 (Acknowledgements) are electronic acknowledgment messages sent automatically between systems.

effective lead time

Effective lead time is the time from purchase order to receipt of inventory, plus additional time for processing until the stock is available.

electrical distributor software

Electrical distributor software  is a comprehensive system enabling electrical distributors to streamline and automate their operations and improve profitability.

electrical supply distribution software

Electrical supply distribution software fully integrates with QuickBooks and delivers comprehensive functionality for electrical supply distributors to manage inventory, procurement, multi-channel sales, serialized products, jobs/projects, manufacturing, and more.

electrical wholesale software

Electrical wholesale software is software for electrical wholesale businesses to streamline inventory control, sales, procurement, shipping, and other operations.

Electronic Data Interchange

electronic data interchange

Electronic data interchange, or EDI, is the electronic exchange of information, by pre-defined message standards, with a minimum of human involvement.

electronics distribution software

Electronics distribution software is software designed specifically for electronics distribution companies that includes inventory, distribution & business management functionality, as well as unique features required by the electronics distribution industry.

electronics manufacturing erp

Electronics Manufacturing ERP solutions provide electronics manufacturers with a holistic business management system including traceability, forecasting, and inventory management.

enterprise resource planning

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, integrates inventory management, purchasing, warehousing, sales, marketing, shipping, and customer service together in one system.

environmentally-friendly business

An environmentally-friendly business, or eco-friendly business, is a company that is/has made a conscious effort to green their business environment.

erp alternative

An ERP alternative is a software solution for inventory and business management that works with QuickBooks forming a cost-effective and efficient system for small to mid-sized distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers rather than resorting to a mid-market ERP system that is not designed for SMBs.

erp for chemical distribution

ERP for chemical distribution centralizes business processes for chemical distributors by streamlining procurement, inventory control, orders, and reporting.

erp for computer parts manufacturers

ERP for computer parts manufacturers combines inventory management, procurement, order management, bills of materials, and reporting into one system.

erp for food distribution

ERP for food distribution  is a system for businesses involved in the distribution of food products to manage inventory, procurement, orders, and traceability.

erp for medical device industry

ERP for medical device industry helps small and mid-sized businesses enhance operations and comply with FDA regulations through inventory tracking, bill of materials, customer service, reporting, QuickBooks integration and other business management capabilities.

erp for quickbooks

ERP for QuickBooks is a that system enables businesses to integrate and streamline financial, inventory, business, and order management processes.

erp software

ERP software, or enterprise resource planning software, is company-wide integrated software with extensive productivity enhancements, decision support tools & system access options.

erp system for electrical distributors

An ERP system for electrical distributors manages inventory management, procurement, order processing, and customer relationship management, provides business insight tools, and seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks for financial and payroll management.

erp systems for wholesale distribution

ERP systems for wholesale distribution streamline operational processes, improve inventory control, and provide real-time visibility across the business.

excess inventory

Excess inventory, also called excess stock or overstock, can be resolved by analyzing demand and then lowering on-hand inventory for slow-moving stock, also resulting in a one-time cash increase.

expedited order

An expedited order is a special order situation where an order is rushed through the fulfillment process in an effort to increase customer receipt.


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