Inventory Glossary

O – Inventory management terms

O - Inventory management terms

Inventory management definitions and inventory terms beginning with the letter O

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obsolete inventory

Obsolete inventory is inventory that is at the end of its life cycle and no customer orders have been received for a given period of time.

office depot edi

Office Depot EDI is essential to help small to mid-sized businesses comply with trading partner requirements and streamline EDI processing as they sell their products to Office Depot as suppliers.

office supply inventory software

Office supply inventory software is software for office supply distributors to make inventory and business management easier and more efficient.

omni channel fulfillment

omni channel fulfillment

Omni channel fulfillment is the order fulfillment process for mutliple sales channels, usually incorporating traditional as well as a eCommerce and EDI.

omni-directional scanner

An omni-directional scanner is a type of barcode scanner that can read barcodes presented to it at different angles.

on order

On order is an inventory purchasing order status identifying that a product has been ordered and is awaiting receipt.

on po

On PO, or on purchase order, is the total quantity of inventory on order from all vendors.

one-click sales order

One-click sales order creation enables sales quotes to become a sales order with a one click conversion.

on-hand inventory

On-hand inventory is total current warehouse stock, including all inventory that has been allocated to scheduled orders.

operating expenses

Operating expenses, also called operational costs, are the expenses from the day-to-day operations of running a business such as sales, marketing and administration.

optical frame inventory software

Optical frame inventory software helps optical frame manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors manage their inventory, purchasing, and order management.


An order, or sales order, can include products, service fees, shipping fees, handling charges or any other chargeable item or activity.

order and inventory management for quickbooks online

Order and inventory management for QuickBooks Online offers a comprehensive solution for small businesses selling products.

order cycle

An order cycle, also called a replenishment cycle, is the time between orders of a specific product.

order fulfillment automation

Order fulfillment automation is the employment of a centralized system to automate fulfillment operations.

order fulfillment eCommerce solution

An order fulfillment eCommerce solution is an order management and fulfillment solution for businesses selling through a web store and/or an online marketplace.

order fulfillment software

An order fulfillment software is software to help manage and coordinate picking, packing, shipping, and tracking.

order management software

order management software

Order management software, also called sales order management software, is software that manages pre-sales activities, quotes, sales orders, post-sales activities and back office operations.

order picking

Order picking is the process of collecting or picking items to fulfill an order before shipment.

order point

The order point, or reorder point, is the lowest quantity of product inventory that can be held before a reorder alert is triggered within the system.

order specific picking instructions

Order specific picking instructions are picking instructions included on an order that are viewable by warehouse personnel noting specialized delivery needs or expiration dates.

order specific special instructions

Order specific special instructions are special instructions included on an order that are viewable by warehouse personnel but not printed on customer documentation.

order tracking software

Order tracking software is software designed to monitor fulfillment progress of orders, providing order and shipping status to customers, customer service, warehouses, and purchasing.

out of stock

Out of stock is a situation when no product is available for sale.

outgrowing quickbooks

Inventory and order management software built for QuickBooks streamlines operations, controls inventory, and optimizes order processing for businesses outgrowing QuickBooks.


Overdue is a status of something (ex. a bill, a shipment) that has gone past the due date.

overdue invoices

Overdue invoices are bills or invoices have gone past the due date for payment and are in the collections process.


Overhead, or overhead cost, refers to the ongoing expenses of operating a business that generate no profit.


Overstock is having excess inventory above the recommended stocking level based on customer demand.

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