Inventory Glossary

M – Inventory management terms

M - Inventory management terms

Inventory management definitions and inventory terms beginning with the letter M

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made on demand

The made on demand capability, also called Kitting, enables companies to sell products as a single unit that are composed of multiple components by collecting or kitting them when shipped.

made to stock

Assemblies, or made to stock inventory, create a new product, with the components used depleted from inventory and the new product added to the finished goods inventory.

manufacturers’ part numbers

A manufacturer’s part number is a unique number assigned by the manufacturer to each of their items.


Manufacturing is the process of making finished goods from raw materials.

manufacturing inventory control

Manufacturing inventory control is the process of maintaining the right amount of inventory within a manufacturing operation to maximize sales without oversupply.

manufacturing inventory software

Manufacturing inventory software, also called manufacturing inventory management software, is software designed to improve inventory control within a manufacturing operation by tracking and managing inventory items.

manufacturing software

Manufacturing software is software for manufacturers to manage inventory and business management that includes bill of materials capabilities, batch processing, workflow management, EDI, drop shipping, and consignment inventory.

manufacturing software for small businesses

Manufacturing software for small businesses provides comprehensive support and optimization for the operations of small manufacturing enterprises. It encompasses a diverse set of tools and features that aid in the efficient management of different aspects of manufacturing and business operations, including production, inventory management, quality control, procurement, and distribution.

marine parts inventory software

Marine parts inventory software equips distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers in the marine parts industry with advanced inventory and business functionality to operate more efficiently and accurately.

marketing lists

Marketing lists are used to manage prospect and customer marketing communication materials.

master production schedule

A master production schedule is a manufacturing plan to forecast product demand that outlines the anticipated production, staffing and inventory requirements.

material requirements planning

Material requirements planning is an inventory control and planning methodology used to manage the manufacturing process.

matrix inventory

Matrix inventory simplifies defining, creating, and tracking of matrix inventory groups through the use of attributes such as color, size, style or pattern variations.

maximum stock quantity

A maximum stock quantity is the highest quantity of a product inventory that can be held before an alert is triggered within the system.

meat distribution software

Meat distribution software is software for meat distributors to improve operations, comply with regulatory requirements, and further growth.

medical inventory software

Medical inventory software, also called medical distribution software, is software with key features critical to medical equipment & supply manufacturing and distribution businesses.

medical supply software

Medical supply software is software for medical supply wholesalers, distributors, and online retailers to improve inventory and business operations.

metal distribution software

Metal distribution software is software for metal distributors to streamline operations, manage resources, and accelerate profits and growth.

minimum order quantity

The minimum order quantity is the minimum quantity that can be ordered at one time.

minimum stock quantity

The minimum stock quantity, also called reorder point, is the lowest quantity of product inventory that can be held before a reorder alert is triggered within the system.


Min-max is the minimum and maximum inventory levels designated per product in an inventory system.

mobile computer

A mobile computer is a portable computer, enabling users outside of an office access to software solutions to simplify and automate everyday field workforce activities and tasks.

mobile computing

Mobile computing, is the use of a small, lightweight computer that extends access and capabilities to warehouse and field environments.

mobile inventory management

Mobile inventory management provides remote employees access to the inventory management system enabling tasks such as route delivery and outside sales orders.

mobile inventory receiving

Mobile inventory receiving enables items to be received into inventory via a wireless device.

mobile inventory software

Mobile inventory software is software designed to provide an outside workforce access to an inventory system.

mobile picking

Mobile picking is the picking of products from a mobile handheld computer with barcode reader with no printed paperwork required.

mobile sales orders

Mobile sales orders are wireless sales orders created by sales teams in real-time, from the customer location, tradeshow booth or showroom floor.

molded fiber packaging software

Molded fiber packaging software provides molded fiber packaging manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers with a robust solution for optimizing and streamlining inventory and business operations.

motorcycle parts inventory software

Motorcycle parts inventory software is an inventory solution designed for motorcycle parts distributors and manufacturers.

multichannel inventory management

Multichannel inventory management centralizes inventory and orders across all channels, including websites, marketplaces, EDI, and direct sales, ensuring accuracy and access to information regardless of where the sale occurs.

multi-channel inventory sync

Multi-channel inventory sync is an automated process of inventory software that maintains accurate inventory availability across multiple sales channels and centralizes inventory and order information for small and mid-sized distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers.

multi-channel sales

Multi-channel sales is a strategy for selling that meets customers across a variety of channels, i.e., direct, online, marketplaces and EDI, while keeping all operations for all channels connected for accurate inventory levels, on-time fulfillment and more.

multi channel order management

Multi channel order management enables distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers to seamlessly enter, process, and fulfill orders captured through various sales sources, including offline and online channels.

multiple ship-to addresses

Multiple ship-to addresses can be created for each customer and can be associated with one order.

multiple units of measure

Multiple units of measure allows a primary and single alternate unit of measure to be used for each product in the inventory.

multiple warehouses

Multiple warehouses functionality allows for inventory to be configured and organized across multiple, actual or virtual, warehouses.

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