Inventory Glossary

T – Inventory management terms

T - Inventory management terms

Inventory management definitions and inventory terms beginning with the letter T

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tare weight

Tare weight, also called unladen weight, is the weight of an empty box or packaging.

Target EDI

Target EDI is an EDI management solution for distributors and manufacturers supplying Target.

third party logistics

Third party logistics, or 3PL, provides outsourced logistics, warehousing and distribution services to businesses.

tiered pricing

Tiered pricing, also called multi-level pricing, refers to charging different prices for the same product based on volume levels.

tile distribution software

Tile distribution software enhances business management for tile distributors with powerful functionality to control inventory and warehouse operations, increase accuracy, and provide visibility throughout the company.

time and materials

Time and materials is a pricing plan typically associated with services billing where labor is billed at an hourly rate and materials are billed based on the products used.

tire inventory software

Tire inventory software is software for tire and auto parts distributors and retailers allowing quick access to a vast amount of customer and product information.

tool inventory software

Tool inventory software is inventory software designed to manage the complex operations of tool and industrial supply distribution businesses.

total lead time

Total lead time is the time between a purchase order being issued and the receipt of goods into inventory.

tracking inventory software

Tracking inventory software is software for maximizing inventory control by integrating inventory tracking, warehousing, purchasing and other business management activities across the company.

trading partners

Typically associated with EDI, trading partners are businesses who establish connectivity requirements for importing and exporting information using EDI transactions.


A transfer records the transfer of inventory to a new location within a warehouse, from a warehouse to another location, or transfers between warehouses within a company.

trend analysis

Trend analysis is the process of analyzing historical data to find a pattern or trend in the information.

trouble ticket management

Trouble ticket management, also called trouble report management, is a process used track the detection, reporting, and resolution of a problem.

truck parts inventory software

Truck parts inventory software is inventory and business management software for truck parts manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers.


Turn, also called inventory turn, is the number of times inventory is turned or sold in a specified period time period.


Turnover, or inventory turnover, is the number of times a product is reordered and resold within a specified period.

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