Inventory Glossary

Q – Inventory management terms

Q - Inventory management terms

Inventory management definitions and inventory terms beginning with the letter Q

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quantity allocated

Quantity allocated, also called inventory committed, refers to inventory that has been allocated to a specific use or a customer.

quantity available

Quantity available, also called available inventory, is the quantity of inventory available for sales orders.

quantity in transit

Quantity in transit is inventory that has been ordered and is en route or in transit from the shipper.

quantity on hand

Quantity on hand is current inventory on hand in each location.

quantity on order

Quantity on order is an inventory purchasing order status identifying that a product has been ordered and is awaiting receipt.

quantity per

Quantity per refers to a specific number of items with relation to a another unit of measure such as quantity per case, quantity per order, etc.


A query is a search that looks for matching items that contain one or more words specified by the user.

QuickBooks barcode inventory

QuickBooks barcode inventory

QuickBooks barcode inventory systems are designed to integrate barcode technology, inventory management software and business management with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks and beyond

Businesses move beyond QuickBooks by implementing solutions that provide advanced inventory, warehouse, order, and business management capabilities without leaving QuickBooks.

QuickBooks and ERP

Additional capabilities can be added to Quickbooks to create an ERP system providing businesses with integrated, real-time purchasing, inventory, order, customer, and financial management.

QuickBooks bi-directional integration

QuickBooks bi-directional integration is a type of integration where all customer-related and vendor-related transactions automatically occur in both QuickBooks and the inventory management software.

QuickBooks EDI

QuickBooks EDI is an integration with a Value Added Network to further streamline EDI operations and allow the user to maintain financials within QuickBooks.

QuickBooks ERP integration

QuickBooks ERP Integration connects QuickBooks with software providing inventory control, order management, and other ERP capabilities, such as Acctivate.

QuickBooks gold developer

QuickBooks gold developer status is the highest level of achievement awarded to QuickBooks compatible software developers.

QuickBooks integration

QuickBooks integration ensures seamless data synchronization, enhances automation, and results in long-term cost savings.

QuickBooks inventory

A QuickBooks inventory solution integrates robust inventory software with QuickBooks to provide inventory management for QuickBooks users.

QuickBooks inventory control

QuickBooks inventory control is the process of adding inventory control software designed to integrate with QuickBooks for more robust inventory management capabilities.

QuickBooks inventory management

QuickBooks inventory management combines QuickBooks accounting with inventory management capabilities to create an inventory management solution fully-integrated with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks inventory software

QuickBooks inventory software is software designed to integrate with QuickBooks to add extensive inventory management capabilities.

QuickBooks inventory system

QuickBooks inventory control system is a system created to integrate with QuickBooks to create a business and inventory management system.

QuickBooks inventory tracking

QuickBooks inventory tracking adds the benefits of inventory tracking capabilities to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online inventory limitation

QuickBooks Online is a popular web-based application offering an array of necessary features with limitations regarding what can be done in terms of inventory and business management.

QuickBooks Online multiple inventory locations

QuickBooks Online multiple inventory locations allows businesses limited tracking of their inventory across multiple physical locations.

QuickBooks stock control software

QuickBooks stock control software provides advanced inventory, purchasing, order, and customer relationship management tools.

QuickBooks warehouse

A QuickBooks warehouse solution integrates robust warehouse software with QuickBooks to provide warehouse management for QuickBooks users.

QuickBooks warehouse management

QuickBooks warehouse management combines QuickBooks accounting with warehouse management capabilities to create a warehouse management solution fully-integrated with QuickBooks.

quickbooks warehouse solution


A quote, or sales quote, is a proposal provided to a prospect outlining costs and terms for the proposed sales order.

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