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Logo of Intuit QuickBooks, which works with Acctivate Inventory Software that helps manage payments
How it Works: Full Payment Management

Full Payment Management

Acctivate’s payment management enables businesses to optimize cash flow with full control & visibility over payment processing.

quick access

Create a payment instantly with access from the main menu, Customer List window & Edit Customer window, especially helpful when serving customers in real-time.

receive & enter payments

Accept customer payments made with cash, check, credit card, and wire transfer without creating an invoice.


Save customer payments as credits that can be applied to future invoices and see that credit on sales orders as available to use.

apply discounts

Accommodate discounts when a payment is made, such as for early or cash payments.

credit card & echeck processing

Process credit card & eCheck payments with the recommended integrated payment processor for Acctivate, Intuit QuickBooks Payments*.

view payments

Get an on-demand glimpse of all payments in Acctivate’s Customer List screen with filters for easily pinpointing needed info & drill-downs to sales orders and invoices.

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enter & receive payments

Accept Payments at Anytime Without Creating an Invoice

In Acctivate, users with proper permissions can directly apply payments to customer accounts without having to initially create an invoice. Within the Enter Payment window, view all open invoices for each customer with options to add a discount, apply payments for specific invoices, auto apply the payment across multiple invoices, or enter as a pre-payment that adds a credit to the account for future invoices.

View exchange rate for customers who pay in multiple currencies with the ability to override it. Upon saving and/or processing payments, directly print or email payment receipts from the system.

Acctivate Customer Payment Screen

Acctivate Customer List shows payments
view payments

On-Demand Visibility of All Customer Payments

View a history of payments for each customer at-a-glance with summarized data, such as the payment type, date & amount paid, reference number, account receivable branch and drill-down access for further details.

credit card processing

Seamless & Secure Credit Card + eCheck Processing that Works with Popular 3rd Party Service Providers

Maintain a connected experience when charging credit cards and processing eChecks with integration to QuickBooks Payments*. Instantly get confirmation of whether a transation is declined/not approved or successfully processed. Save payments on the customer’s account if processed outside of Acctivate.

With QuickBooks Payments, payment transactions are automatically posted and reconciliation to QuickBooks, where receipts can be viewed and merchant service deposits downloaded.

Credit Card Processing with QuickBooks Payments
eCheck payment approved

* QuickBooks Payments is the preferred payment processor for Acctivate, however Authorize.net is also supported for credit cards.

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